How to make Yejiao Teng Tea What are the effects

We all have heard of Polygonum multiflorum in our lives. This is a kind of medicinal material that is very good for hair, but you don’t know about the vine of Polygonum multiflorum. Many people may say that the vine of Polygonum multiflorum. Isn’t it called Shouwu vine? In fact, there is this name, but the name of Polygonum multiflorum vine is Yejiao Teng, which is often used to make tea. So what are the effects of Yejiao Teng tea? Let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together.

How to make Yejiao Teng Tea What are the effects

Material: 5g Yejiao Veng, 1g scented tea.

Usage: brew with 200ml of boiling water and drink until the taste is weak. Can not add tea.

Efficacy: nourish the mind and calm the nerves, expel wind and collaterals.

Indications: insomnia and dreaminess; strain; blood deficiency and body pain; carbuncle; scrofula.

Yejiaoteng Black Bean and Wheat Soup

Ingredients: 10 grams of Yejiao vine, 45 grams of wheat, 30 grams of black beans.

Method: add water to decoct the above ingredients to get soup and drink, twice a day.

Efficacy: It has the effect of nourishing the heart and kidneys and soothing the nerves. It is used for neurasthenia, insomnia, upset and other diseases.

Hehuan Yejiao Teng Tea

Composition: 12 grams of Albizia julibrissin and 18 grams of Yejiao vine.

Preparation method: Wash the two medicines, chop them, put them in a thermos, brew an appropriate amount with boiling water, cover for 15 minutes, take juice and add a little honey, and drink frequently instead of tea. 1 dose daily.

Efficacy: relieve depression and blood, calm the mind and calm the mind.

Indications: Heart palpitations and insomnia.

Notes: Albizia Julibrissin has a sweet and smooth skin, enters the heart and liver, and has the function of relieving depression, promoting blood circulation, calming the heart, and eliminating carbuncle swelling. Yejiao vine is sweet, slightly bitter and flat in nature. Entering the heart and liver two meridians. It has the effect of nourishing the mind and calming the nerves, dredging collaterals and dispelling wind. The combination of the two drugs of this prescription can relieve depression and hypnosis, and is especially suitable for patients with cardio-neuropathy.

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