What goes well with purple shellfish tea

Maybe ordinary people don’t know much about some Chinese medicines, just like Zibei tooth may not be heard before. In fact, Zibei tooth is also called Zibei, sometimes people also call it Wenbei. Purple shell teeth are actually the shells of baby animals. In Chinese medicine, purple shell teeth have many functions. For example, purple shell teeth can calm Japanese people and calm the nerves. Sometimes it can also calm the liver, especially in treating children. High fever convulsions are also very effective, but what is better with Zibeichi tea?

What goes well with purple shellfish tea

1. Treatment of acne rash in children with purple shells: one purple shell (for raw use) as the end, use lamb liver to approve, mix with the powder for a dollar, wrap the thread, boil the rice swill, put it in a small bottle, and smoke it with heat. Wait for the cold to take it out, hang out under the stars and moon for a night, come early and take it out. (“Hundred Questions of Infants and Children” Zibei San

2. Treatment of Menopausal Syndrome with Zibei Teeth: 30 grams of Yejiao vine, 9 grams of grass, 6 grams of Acorus calamus, 15 grams of fried jujube kernels, 15 grams of Poria cocos, 10 grams of Albizia bark, 9 grams of Zibei teeth, raw dragon teeth 12 grams, 6 grams of Bupleurum, 9 grams of tangerine peel, 10 grams of raw land.

3. Treatment of young flat warts with purple shellfish: spiritual magnet 31g, ochre 31g, purple shell tooth 31g, raw stone cassia 12g, raw white peony 6g, comfrey 31g. Decoction for oral administration. Decoction of the first four herbs in the prescription for half an hour. The dosage is the same for adults and children. “Compendium of Traditional Chinese Medicine Dermatology.”

4. Zibei tooth cures body heat and headache such as cracks, Xiang Qiang has a spasm, vomiting, stool has not cleared for seven days, tongue coating is thick, two pulse strings are slippery and counted, and heavy pressing is weak: 3 grams of simmering kudzu root, 9 grams of ginger Zhuru, nine 30 grams of Kongshi Cassia (fried first), 12 grams of skin ling, 4.5 grams each of fresh Peelan (back bottom), fresh Huoxiang (back bottom), and dried fruit, 30 grams of purple shell teeth, 9 grams of Jianxie tablets , Gentian grass 2.1g, loofah 9g, Chuanjun charcoal (back part) 4.5g, coumarin 12g, Tribulus terrestris 9g, antelope horn tip O.3g, grind the powder in two batches. “Polu Medical Case”

5. Zibei tooth treats hypertension. Headache, dizziness, red face, red eyes, irritability, yellow tongue coating, large pulse string, and the syndrome of liver-yang Shangyue: 15g purple shell teeth (first fried), amethyst 9g (first fried), magnet 30g (first fried), raw stone Cassia 30g (first fried), Prunella vulgaris 15g, Chrysanthemum 9g, Uncaria 12g, White peony 12g, Habitat 9g, Yuan ginseng 18g, Shan Zhi 9g, Achyranthes 12g. “Clinical Medical Records and Prescriptions.”

6. Treatment of generalized neurodermatitis and chronic urticaria with Zibei tooth: 15g of raw rehmannia, 15g of rehmannia, 9g of angelica, 9g of polygonum multiflorum, 30g of purple shell, 15g of magnet, 15g of raw dragon mussel, 15g of ochre, and 30g of mother-of-pearl. 9g of white peony. “Zhu Renkang Clinical Experience Collection.”

7. Purple shell tooth promotes qi and blood circulation, and mainly treats flash back pain: pearl 2g, calcined purple shell tooth 3g, pure borax 9g, borneol 1g. First grind the first two drugs into very fine powder. Then grind well with the last two medicines and store them. During the treatment, take a section of rushes, cut one end, dipped in a little damp and cold water, and apply the listed medicine powder to the inner canthus of the patient’s eye, and make the eyes closed to tears. Then the patient is instructed to stand up, step, and bend over for 3-5 times. . When spotting the eyes, spot the right eye if the left side of the waist is sprained, and spot the left eye if the right side of the waist is sprained. (“Selected Prescriptions for External Therapy of Chinese Herbal Medicine” Pearl Powder)

The above is the introduction about Zibei Chi Tea and what to take with it. I believe you have some understanding, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

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