Can Yejiaovine be soaked in water regularly?

Walking on the road, it is common to see old people carrying a transparent thermos cup with a brown liquid in it, which is somewhat similar to the color of tea water. I wondered for a day, so I asked why it was? The uncle smiled and replied, this is the leaves of Polygonum multiflorum. Soaking in water can cure insomnia; I realized that when people are old, the quality of sleep is getting worse and worse. It is true that Chinese medicines like this are needed to regulate sleep, soothe the mind and nourish the heart. It is Polygonum multiflorum leaf, which can be called another name. It may not be possible for most people. It is also called Yejiaoteng. So, do you know that Yejiaoteng can be soaked in water regularly?

Can Yejiaovine be soaked in water regularly?

The dry cane is slender and cylindrical, usually twisted, sometimes branched, 3-7 mm in diameter. The surface is purple-brown, rough, with distorted longitudinal wrinkles and knots, scattered with small red spots, and the cortex is thin and exfoliated in a scaly shape. It is hard and brittle, easy to break, the cross section has brownish red leather, light yellow wood, radial essential part, and white loose pith at the center. No gas, slightly bitter taste. It is better to be thick and uniform, with a purple-brown appearance. Sichuan products are dry tender stems with leaves. The stems are thin, yellow-green or yellow-brown, and the leaves are more shrunken.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Yejiao Teng is non-toxic in nature, sweet and slightly bitter, enters the heart and liver meridian, has the effects of soothing the nerves, nourishing blood, dispelling wind and dredging collaterals. Etc. The decoction dose of Yejiaoteng is generally 10~30 grams, and it can also be decocted and washed or pounded and applied for external use. Yejiaoteng has the effect of nourishing blood and calming the nerves. It is mainly used for insomnia caused by yin deficiency and low blood. It is often used in conjunction with Albizia julibrissin, and can also be used with Zaoren, Baiziren and Polygala.

So someone used Yejiao Veng to soak in water to try to treat their insomnia symptoms. However, there are many reasons for insomnia. Insomnia may be insomnia, and it is often a symptom accompanying certain diseases. To completely cure insomnia, it is necessary to clarify what is causing the insomnia, and it is necessary to go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment. Not every medicine is suitable for everyone.

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