The efficacy and function of peony stamen and contraindications

Peony stamen is a part of the plant peony flower. It can also be used as medicine to make tea for people to soak in water. It can supplement the human body with rich nutrition and prevent diseases, and it can also slow down the aging speed of the human body. The efficacy and role of this tea and the contraindications for taking it will give everyone a better understanding of this tea.

The efficacy and function of peony stamen and contraindications

The effect of peony stamen

1. Supplement nutrition

Peony stamens are the essence of peony flowers. Its stamens are rich in natural polysaccharides and total flavonoids, as well as some alkaloids and natural saponins. These are important active ingredients that can be quickly absorbed by the body and can meet the normal metabolism of the body. It will also accelerate the body’s antibody synthesis, enhance the body’s own disease resistance, and have a positive effect on maintaining human health.

2. Delay aging

Peony stamen has certain anti-aging ability, because people can absorb rich polysaccharides and total flavonoids after drinking this tea, they have certain anti-oxidation ability, can prevent oxidation reaction in the body, and can eliminate free radicals and free radicals in the body. Lipid peroxide can fill the body’s aging rate, and insist on using it to soak in water to keep the body in a young and healthy state.

The efficacy and function of peony stamen and contraindications

3. Maintain skin health

The peony stamen contains a variety of active ingredients and rich vitamins, especially the high content of vitamin B3. This substance is an important nutrient for maintaining the health of human skin. It can prevent human skin from pimples and inflammation, and it can also prevent aging on the skin surface. The horny substance has a very positive effect on maintaining skin health. In addition, after this vitamin is absorbed by the body, it can promote blood circulation and purify the blood, which can prevent blood pressure and blood lipids from rising.

4. Sterilization and antidiarrhea

Peony stamen has an important role in sterilization and antidiarrhea, because this food contains a variety of medicinal ingredients, which can eliminate pathogenic bacteria in the body, and can inhibit the activity of multiple viruses in the human body. It is effective in maintaining human intestinal health. Certain benefits, can prevent the breeding of enteritis, can also relieve human diarrhea, dysentery and enteritis, and can quickly reduce the symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Taboo of peony stamen

There are not many contraindications to peony stamens, but it has some allergenic ingredients. Those who are allergic to peony flowers should not take it, otherwise they are prone to allergic symptoms and endanger their health.

After reading the introduction to the efficacy and contraindications of peony stamen, people will have a closer understanding of it, know the specific benefits of taking it, and know what to pay attention to when taking peony stamen, and you can take it with confidence when you need it. , Will make it play a good health effect.

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