Would you choose tea?Share 4 super practical recommendations for buying tea

Would you choose tea?Share 4 super practical recommendations for buying tea

Drinking tea is the process of fully experiencing the aroma, taste and taste of tea. When buying tea, tea lovers often judge the comprehensive quality of tea based on the performance of these items. Including the professional evaluation methods commonly used in the tea industry, such as five factors, eight factors, etc., the same is true.

In addition to mastering the professional knowledge of tea, whether the aroma, taste and taste performance can accurately judge the quality of tea is also inseparable from the length of tea drinking and the number of teas.

Because of this, it is a challenge for many new tea lovers to choose a delicious and good quality tea from the dazzling array of thousands of teas.

I just talked about this topic with a few senior tea buddies a few days ago, saying that Chawang Sisi has summarized a few more practical tea buying experiences to share with you.

First, be clear about your taste and drinking preferences. Some tea lovers like to drink high-sweet and mellow type, and some like to drink full-bodied and long-lasting flavor; green tea is fresh, black tea is sweet and mellow, oolong tea is high-scented, dark tea and Pu’er tea have a long and thick rhyme…every type of tea has it. Different aroma and taste characteristics, tea lovers should choose according to their own taste and drinking preferences.

Second, understand the style and characteristics of tea in different producing areas. Take Pu’er tea as an example. Due to the differences in natural environment, climate and tea tree varieties, Pu’er tea in different areas and even different hills will show different flavors.

Iceland and Yiwu are sweet and soft, Brown Mountain is strong and powerful, Jingmai is high fragrant… Choose the corresponding tea producing area according to your taste preferences, narrow the range of choices, so that it is easier to buy satisfactory tea.

Third, reasonable price expectations. The quality of tea on the market varies, and the price varies. When buying tea, don’t blindly pursue high or low prices. You can choose the ones with higher comprehensive cost performance within the acceptable price range.

Fourth, try to buy branded tea. The high-profile tea brand is strong, because there is a stable supply of raw materials, the tea-making equipment is relatively complete and the craftsmanship is mellow, and the quality of the tea produced is more secure.

For new tea lovers who cannot accurately distinguish the quality of tea, it is safer to start with branded tea. (This article is an original article by Saychawang; Author: Saychawang Sisi)

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