What is the characteristics of honey fragrance golden bud tea

Mixiang Golden Bud is a historically famous tea produced in Fengqing, Yunnan. This is the hometown of Yunnan black tea, and Mixiang Golden Bud is a kind of Yunnan black tea. Its mouth is soft and smooth, and it has a natural honey fragrance. The annual output of tea is relatively small, and it is not common in the market. Many people still don’t know him and don’t know what kind of tea it is. Today I will introduce it in detail so that everyone can know what kind of tea it belongs to. Understand its characteristics.

What is the characteristics of honey fragrance golden bud tea

What kind of tea is Honey Fragrant Golden Bud?

1. Mixiang Golden Bud is a kind of black tea, which is completely fermented tea. This kind of tea is a kind of refined famous tea made by collecting the fresh buds of Yunnan’s unique large-leaf tea tree, according to the black tea processing technology. There are a lot of golden vellus hairs on the surface of the tea, and the tea soup after brewing will show an amber-like yellow color, which looks particularly beautiful. Its leaf veins are clear and the lines are well-organized. It has a certain ornamental value during brewing.

2. Mixiang Jinya is a very high health tea. This tea is rich in tea polyphenols, flavonoids, and also contains some thearubigen, thearfuscin and other nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. These substances are in After being absorbed by the human body, it can maintain the normal metabolism of the human body, and can also improve the function of multiple organs of the body. It can be used to soak in water frequently to protect the body and prevent diseases. It is a health tea suitable for most people to drink.

What is the characteristics of honey fragrance golden bud tea

Features of Honey Fragrant Golden Bud

1. Honey Fragrant Golden Bud is a kind of tea with a warm and soft taste. When this tea is brewed, it will have a very smooth feeling when drinking. This makes other teas do not have the characteristics, in addition, this tea is a kind of whole Fermented tea leaves have a delicious and refreshing sensation when brewing and drinking. This is also one of its important characteristics. After drinking this tea, you can’t forget it for a long time.

2. Mellow, sweet, and good bubble resistance is also an important role of honey golden bud. This tea has a sweet and sweet taste, which is why it is called honey fragrance. In addition, this kind of tea is basically collected from fresh buds. It is made with extremely rich endoplasm, and the taste is very mellow after brewing.

After reading the detailed introduction of Mixiang Golden Bud, you can know that this tea is a kind of black tea, and you can also know that it is a premium black tea, and you can better understand its characteristics. If you are interested in this kind of tea, you can Buy some to taste in person, I believe everyone will be attracted by its unique charm.

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