How to molish ancient tree tea taste characteristics

Mo Lie Ancient Tree Tea is a specialty tea of ​​Yunnan. This tea is produced in the Mengku tea area of ​​Yunnan. It is a dry tea made from modern tea leaves collected from ancient tea trees. Its annual output is very small. I don’t know, how he is, or what its taste and characteristics are. Today I will give a detailed introduction to Molie Ancient Tree Tea, so that everyone can have a more comprehensive understanding of Molie Ancient Tree Tea.

How to molish ancient tree tea taste characteristics

How about Mo Lie Ancient Tree Tea

1. Molie ancient tree tea is a particularly good tea, because the tea trees of this kind of tea are already there. The trees are three or four hundred years old and are ancient tea trees. They all grow on the plateau above 1750 meters above sea level. The ancient tree tea plantation is easy to rush, evergreen in all seasons, and the natural environment there is extremely superior, with clouds and fog all year round, humid climate, long sunshine time, large temperature difference between day and night, and the tea produced is of high quality and excellent taste.

2. Molie ancient tree tea is a particularly good quality tea, because this tea is very rich in endoplasm, it not only releases rich active ingredients, but also allows people to taste its attractiveness and taste after brewing The tea soup is more mellow and attractive. After brewing, the bottom of the leaf is fat, rich and uniform, and the bubble resistance is particularly strong. Each time the milled ancient tree tea is repeatedly brewed 6 to 7 times, it still has a lingering fragrance.

How to molish ancient tree tea taste characteristics

Taste characteristics of Molie Gushu Tea

1. Molie ancient tree tea is a kind of ancient tree tea with full tea aroma. This kind of tea has a strong tea fragrance, and people who are still drinking this kind of tea will have a kind of bloodline, the feeling of being opened up in the future, and they will feel spiritual. It is refreshing and full of air luck. After drinking it, the spirit will remain refreshed and the body will feel relaxed and happy. This is its main feature.

2. Molish ancient tree tea has a sweet and long-lasting taste. It not only has an attractive and long-lasting tea fragrance, but also has the characteristics of expressing sweetness and quickness. People will leave sweetness on the tongue and mouth after drinking this tea. The taste and sensation of its scent will not dissipate for a long time. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has the characteristics of scented lips and teeth.

Molie Gushu Tea has a mellow and rich taste, and also has a sweet and refreshing taste. Drinking this tea is a beautiful enjoyment and a comfortable experience. If you insist on drinking this tea, it can also absorb rich nutrients and be more healthy. The body also allows people to taste its unique charm.

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