Can Chinese herbal medicine magnets be soaked in water?

Many middle-aged and elderly people like to use Chinese medicine to soak in water or wine, but not all medicinal materials can be soaked in water. Some medicinal materials are not. Magnet, the name of Chinese medicine, is an oxide mineral spinel magnet. The ore mainly contains Fe3O4. After mining, the impurities are removed. This product is a massive aggregate, which is irregular, or slightly square, mostly angular, gray-black or brown, striped The mark is black, with metallic luster, weight, hard, irregular cross-section, magnetic, smelly, and tasteless, so can the Chinese herbal medicine magnet be soaked in water?

Can Chinese herbal medicine magnets be soaked in water?

As people living on the earth, I believe everyone is familiar with magnets. The earth is a magnetic field. Everyone uses magnetism and relies on magnetism. Magnets are not invented by humans. They are natural magnetite. Ancient Greeks and Chinese discovered the natural world. There is a kind of natural magnetized stone, called “magnetite.” Our ancient wisdom ancestors used it to make “Sinan”. Now some people have discovered that magnets have medicinal value, and some people use magnets to soak in water.

Because magnets can magically suck up small pieces of iron, and they always point in the same direction after swinging at will, early voyagers used this magnet as their earliest compass to identify the direction at sea, and they were the first to discover And the use of magnets should be Chinese, that is, the use of magnets to make a “compass” is one of China’s four great inventions.

Magnet is also a traditional Chinese medicine blindly. It is an oxide mineral spinel magnetite, mainly containing Fe3O4 (Fe3O4). The magnet removes impurities and smashes. The magnet is taken from the clean magnet, calcined to redness according to the calcining quenching method, quenched with vinegar, and crushed into coarse powder. Functions and indications: calming the liver and suppressing the yang, clever ears and eyesight, calming the nerves, soothing the breath and relieving asthma. Used for dizziness, dizziness, tinnitus and deafness, palpitations, insomnia, kidney deficiency and asthma.

Can magnets be soaked in water? But magnets are not easy to dissolve in water and are not suitable for hot water to make tea, but they are not toxic. However, some people use magnets to boil water, saying that they can descale and treat constipation. This effect In fact, it needs to be studied. In fact, it is best not to do this. If it is an ordinary magnet that you want to put in water or boil it, you can’t drink it. After drinking, it will be very harmful to the human body. The magnet is harmful to the human body. The minerals are not removed.

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