Can Tribulus be soaked in water to drink

Nowadays, all kinds of teas are popular on the market, such as scented tea or fruit tea, because few people are willing to drink plain water without taste. On the contrary, these teas are becoming more and more popular with everyone. In addition, there are Many teas brewed with Chinese herbal medicines not only taste good, but also have health-preserving effects. Therefore, they are popular with people. Can the herbal medicine Tribulus terrestris be soaked in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

Can Tribulus be soaked in water to drink

Can Tribulus be soaked in water?

No, drinking Tribulus is easy to lose teeth.

The efficacy and role of Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris disperses wind, improves eyesight, releases qi, and moves blood. Cure headache, body itching, red eyes and swollen eyes, full chest, coughing up, syndrome, breast trouble, ulcer, scrofula.

1. “The Classics”: “Mainly malignant blood, accumulation of broken paralyzed knots, throat numbness, and breast troubles.”

2. “Don’t Record”: “The main body is itching, headache, coughing, lung damage, pulmonary dysfunction, restoring annoyance, lowering the breath; children with head sores, carbuncle, swollen yin and yin, can be used as powder.”

3. “Medicinal Properties Theory”: “Cure all winds and ulcers, break the blood, treat pus, treat dystocia, and eliminate irritable heat.”

4. “Rihuazi Materia Medica”: “Cures the kidney qi of the dolphins, the lung pneumothorax and the diaphragm are full, which promotes birth and abortion.”

5. “Compendium”: “Cure wind secrets and roundworm pain.”

6. “Meeting Medical Mirror”: “Relieve lung qi and disperse liver wind, remove red eye membranes, lung carbuncle, milk rock, and wet sores.”

7. “This Sketch Book”: “The main hemorrhoids, sweat, and women’s hair milk, take them down.”

8. “Materia Medica Renew”: “Relieve liver wind, relieve liver fire, nourish qi and resolve phlegm, dispel dampness and blood, and dispel sore poison.”

9. “Nanjing Folk Herbs”: “Cure red and white dysentery.”

10. “Jiangsu Plant Medicine History”: “Cure hypochondriac pain, treat various ulcers, remove wind and promote blood circulation.”

Tribulus terrestris has very good medicinal effects. It can effectively treat headaches, rubella and itching, chest pain, red eyes, swollen eyes and other diseases.

Taboos of Tribulus Terrestris

1. “Materia Medica Huiyan”: Those with insufficient yin deficiency and dryness of the essence and blood body are banned.

2. “Depei Materia Medica”: liver deficiency, pregnancy, the two are forbidden.

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