Can Bai Ziren soak in water and drink it?

Bai Ziren is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which is made by drying the seeds of the cypress tree. Since it is a traditional Chinese medicine, I must ask you how to eat it, how to use it, and what effect does it have? Many people around me take Baiziren to soak in water. So, what are the effects and effects on the body? Is it harmful to our body? Can we fully play the role of Bai Ziren? Today, I will come to solve the puzzles for everyone, and let’s have a chat. What is Bai Zi? Can Ren soak in water and drink it?

Can Bai Ziren soak in water and drink it?

Bai Ziren, the name of Chinese medicine. It is the dry mature seed kernel of Platycladus orientalis. Harvest mature seeds in autumn and winter, dry them, remove seed coats, and collect seed kernels. Born in moist and fertile land, it also grows on limestone land. Distributed in the south of the northeast, passing through North China to the south through Guangdong and northwest Guangxi, west to Shaanxi, Gansu, southwest to Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places. Bai Ziren can not only be crushed and used as medicine, but also can be used to soak in water to drink. Bai Ziren can be soaked in water and has the effects of nourishing the mind, calming the mind, nourishing the mind and moisturizing the intestines.

Baiziren Water Preparation Method: After applying the medicine to remove the remaining shell and seed coat, grind it and store it in porcelain. Such as the treatment of heart palpitations, insomnia syndrome can be fried, dry intestines and constipation should be used raw. Take ten to twenty-five grams each morning and evening, put it in a thermos cup, immerse it in boiling water for 15 minutes, and drink at will. For treatment of intestinal dryness and constipation, take it immediately when you fall asleep. The fragrance of Bai Ziren penetrates the heart, nourishes the body and nourishes the blood. Same as Fushen, Zao Ren, Sheng Di, and Ophiopogon, are turbid and clear products. They are mainly used to treat weakness of mind, palpitations, palpitations, haggard color, dry and itchy skin, all of which are nourishing efforts. It also has a strong smell, and the turbidity is returned to the kidney. It is the same as the rehmannia, tortoise, medlar, and achyranthes. It is used to seal the bone marrow. It is mainly used for kidney yin loss, severe back and back, weak feet and knees, yin deficiency and night sweats. . Sweet taste can also relieve the liver and replenish the deficiency of the liver and gallbladder. It is extremely stable, but the sex is gentle, so it is better to use it more often.

Bai Ziren Taboo: This product is easy to change from oil and should not be exposed to the sun. Those with loose stools and excessive sputum should not be used. Appropriate: It is suitable for people with loss of support, palpitations, palpitation, insomnia, nocturnal emission, night sweats, and for the elderly with chronic constipation. Avoid: Those with loose stools are not allowed to eat, and those with excessive sputum are also not to eat. Through reading the above articles, I believe that everyone has a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Bai Ziren. Finally, it is recommended that patients must choose the most suitable medicine according to their own condition and take the medicine according to the instructions.

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