How long does the tea drink?

How long does the tea drink?

What kind of tea can make a good tea? Is it the bitterness of Banzhang tea or the sweetness of Icelandic tea? I often hear people say: “It is not tea that is neither bitter nor astringent!” Is this really the case?

There is no absolute standard for the quality of a tea, but there will be a rough reference standard in the tea industry for beginners to learn. So how should we judge whether a tea is good?

1. There is a translucent soup color

The soup color is the most intuitive standard for judging the quality of tea. If you want to have a translucent soup color, you must have the following three characteristics:

1. Excellent production technology will reduce the production of broken pieces of tea.

2. Good storage conditions keep the tea free from dampness, mildew and dust.

3. The scientific brewing method enables the rich contents of tea to be released well.

Second, the bitterness of tea can be melted away

“Neither bitter nor astringent is not tea”, this statement is true. The caffeine contained in tea is destined to be bitter as its characteristic, and the key lies in whether it can be quickly dissipated.

If the bitterness stays in the mouth, causing mouth discomfort, and the tongue has an obvious “convergence”, it cannot be regarded as a good tea.

Three: no peculiar smell

Peculiar smell refers to, not the taste of the tea itself. During the production and storage of tea, other flavors are absorbed, such as oily smoke, perfume, musty and watery odors caused by moisture.

Four, no pesticide residues and additives

Tea is a pure natural beverage, and the land where tea is grown cannot be sprayed with pesticides. During the production process, you should not use additives such as flavors without conscience because you want to highlight the characteristics of aroma and so on.

Drinking good tea is a thing that makes people feel happy. To better distinguish the quality of a tea, we need to drink more, make more tea, learn more, and understand more.

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