Lily Jujube Seed Tea Proportion and Its Efficacy

Insomnia is a very serious problem for modern people. Some of the reasons why we can’t sleep are unavoidable. Therefore, people are looking for various treatments for insomnia. Lily jujube seed tea is a good way to relieve insomnia. Tea, but the proportion of lily jujube seed tea is very important. If the proportion is not right, the therapeutic effect will be greatly reduced. After a series of studies, the ratio of lily jujube seed tea should be 3 for lily jujube seed and 5 for jujube seed. The original method is 6-12g for lily decoction and 10-15g for jujube decoction. At present, a convenient and reasonable ratio has appeared. Lily jujube seed tea bag.

Lily Jujube Seed Tea Proportion and Its Efficacy

In addition to jujube seeds, lily jujube tea also has lily, lotus seeds, poria, red dates and other foods. These foods are also our daily consumption, and they have a certain effect on beauty. For those with weaker physique, weaker body and easy to get sick, drinking some lily and jujube tea daily can effectively maintain health and improve the body’s immunity. People who stay up late for a long time have irregular life, which can easily cause irritability. At this time, a cup of lily and jujube tea can moisturize the throat and at the same time have a good soothing effect.

Lily jujube seed is a “medicine and food” common people’s nourishing and nourishing Chinese medicinal material. It has significant nourishing and nourishing stomach and yin effects. Its use is mainly for medicinal and health care. It can be used alone as a medicine and can be combined with many drugs. The compound can also be used as raw materials to develop various functional beverages, health foods, medicines and other high-tech health products.

People who suffer from mild insomnia can use 3-6 grams of jujube kernels, add white sugar to mix, and adjust with warm water before going to bed every night, which has obvious therapeutic effect. huge contribution. The lily, which is both medicinal and food, has the same effect as Zao Ren in calming the nerves and helping sleep. It is compatible with nourishing blood and soothing the nerves and treating insomnia with diet.

Office workers are prone to insomnia due to social pressure, while students are faced with heavy academic problems. For insomnia caused by the two conditions, they can drink lily and jujube tea. The combination of lily and jujube kernels has a good sleep aid effect. Middle-aged and elderly people due to the gradual decline in human body functions, resulting in decreased secretion of corresponding hormones, especially melatonin (a substance that promotes sleep when the body enters sleep). At this time, drinking a cup of lily and jujube tea before going to bed can make the fruit pine. The body normally secretes melatonin and enters a natural state of sleep.

How to use lily jujube seed tea bag, inject 200-250ml of water, control the water temperature to 80°C~90°C, and drink it after 2-3 minutes of brewing. Do not brew too thick tea, which will affect the secretion of gastric juice. Drink on an empty stomach. Generally, the tea bag can be discarded after 3-4 times of brewing, because the nutrients have been almost dissolved after 3 times of brewing.

Lily is rich in protein, fat, colchicine, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins. It is a good nutritional product for all ages. In traditional Chinese medicine, Baihe is a tonic to stop bleeding, invigorate blood, clear lungs and moisturize dryness, nourish yin and heat, regulate spleen and invigorate stomach. Modern research shows that lily has obvious antitussive, anti-asthmatic, hemostasis and other effects, improves lymphocyte transformation rate and increases the activity of liquid immune function. Lily can also inhibit the growth of tumors. Wash the lily, boil it, add rock sugar and cool for consumption, which can clear away heat and moisturize the lungs, as well as nourish the body. Therefore, foods with lily often appear in our daily lives.

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