A good pot will always make people remember it

A good pot will always make people remember it

A high-quality purple clay teapot is something that people will never forget. It should have four characteristics: first, it must look good and make you fall in love at first sight; second, it must be durable, so that you will never tire of it; third, it must be meaningful and make you feel wonderful Unspeakable; fourthly, there must be fate, which makes you feel particularly worried.

To look good is to be eye-catching, to be outstanding, to be extraordinary and coquettish in the many purple clay pots, so that people will not forget and fall in love at first sight. It needs to be pointed out that seductive is not eye-catching, and outstanding is not outstanding. The kind of handicraft that attempts to grab everyone’s attention through bizarre shapes and grotesque decorations is visually attractive, but because it is too fancy, it is impossible to seize the eye.

To be durable means to withstand careful and repeated viewing, so that it is always new and never gets tired of. Some pots are thrilling at first, and then they are shoddy; if you look at them today, they will be uninterested tomorrow. Excellent purple sand art has charm and soul. Whether the elegant spirit of Zisha can be condensed into the work is the most demanding requirement and test for Zisha artists. Therefore, in order to achieve the standard of experience and endurance, the author is not only required to have connotation and creativity in the design concept, but also requires every detail to be impeccably done, and every process is completed perfectly.

Meaningful means that the work is thoughtful, philosophical, mysterious, and interesting. High-level thoughts, philosophies, mysteries and tastes are often inexplicable and unclear. Laozi’s “Tao can be Tao, very Tao; name can be famous, very famous” reveals this characteristic. Tao Yuanming’s “There is a true meaning in this, but I have forgotten what I want to distinguish” describes this phenomenon. For those thoughts, philosophies, mysteries and tastes that are unclear and unclear, people often call them “magic” in general. Wonder is a realm, a kind of natural taste, and an aesthetic feeling that makes people feel infinite and beautiful. Therefore, if a purple clay pot can make people feel wonderful, it must be the finest product in the pot, the best purple clay pot.

Fate means that when you leave it, you always miss it. Its appearance, its shadow, always dangling in front of your eyes. This one is particularly important, and it is also my latest experience. The pot you are particularly worried about is usually not wrong when you buy it home. If you don’t buy it, your heart will always feel uncomfortable and your life will be unhappy.When you made up your mind and prepared to buy it, it was already bought by someone else.

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