Efficacy and function of silkworm cough relieving tea

Stiff silkworm is a kind of medicinal material that gets sick and died silkworms. Stiff silkworms exist in many prescriptions. For example, in the formula for treating facial paralysis, when it comes to facial paralysis, it is a high-incidence disease in winter. There are many factors that can cause this. The emergence of diseases, such as cold weather, we don’t pay attention to keeping warm. If this disease occurs, we can use the silkworm to treat it. So what is the effect and function of the silkworm cough tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

Efficacy and function of silkworm cough relieving tea

Stiff Silkworm Cough Tea

[Source]”Ruizhutang Experience Formula”

[Raw materials]30 grams of white dead silkworm, 30 grams of fine tea powder.

[Production]30 grams of white dead silkworm is the end, put in a bowl, pour a small cup of boiling water, cover it, and take it while lying down. Another 500 grams of white sugar, 120 grams of pork suet, 60 grams of tea before rain, four arms of water. Fry the tea to two and a half bowls, then remove the film and chop the suet oil, add it to the tea together with the sugar, boil the tea, and take a few spoonfuls of white boiling soup each time.

【Efficacy】Relieve cough, sore throat like saw, unable to sleep peacefully.

[Usage]Several times a day.

Stiff silkworm effect

1. Stiff silkworm can resist cancer tumors in the human body

In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, the stiff silkworm can resist the following cancers, such as nasopharyngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer and other diseases. Specifically, our cancer patients can take medicine according to the instructions of Chinese medicine doctors.

2. Stiff silkworm can cure cold symptoms such as wind-heat and headache

Stiff silkworm mixed with mulberry leaves, horsetail, nepeta and other medicines that relieve wind and heat can cure sore throat, hoarseness, pain, red eyes, swelling and pain, and tears in the wind. In addition, it can also relieve itching.

3. Stiff silkworm has the effect of treating convulsions and convulsions

Stiff silkworm can be matched with scorpion, gastrodia, cinnabar, and gallbladder. It can treat children with chronic diarrhea of ​​spleen deficiency, reduce phlegm and relieve convulsions, so it is especially suitable for convulsions and epilepsy.

4. Side effects of stiff silkworm

Oral use of rigid silkworm may cause allergies and even skin allergies. Some patients even have dry mouth and loss of appetite. In addition, patients with hepatic coma should be used with caution.

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