What are the effects and functions of Uncaria tea

Inadvertently there are more types of tea. It is precisely because people like it that it will become more. Different teas not only taste different, but also have different functions. What we are talking about is not just tea. Refers to tea; now there are many types of tea, in addition to the earliest tea, there are all kinds of scented tea and nectar, etc. Today we are talking about Uncaria tea, which is a kind of Chinese medicine for health care. It can also be used to soak in water, so let’s take a look at the effects and functions of Uncaria tea?

What are the effects and functions of Uncaria tea

Scientifically taking Uncaria can play the role of clearing heat and calming liver and extinguishing wind and relieving shock. In life, if the body has high blood pressure, dizziness and other problems, it can be treated by taking Uncaria soaked in water, and the effect is very good. The specific effects of Uncaria tea are as follows:

Stop the wind and relieve the pain

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Uncaria, a Chinese medicinal material, has the effect of health care after use, and also has the effect of clearing pericardial fire, so the effect of venting the heat of the liver meridian and extinguishing wind and calming shock is very good. Therefore, if the body suffers from Jueyin convulsions, pediatric convulsions, night crying, convulsions, female eclampsia, etc., these convulsive diseases can be treated with Uncaria.

Clearing heat and calming liver

If you can use Uncaria scientifically in your life, it can calm the liver yang and clear the liver heat, which is very effective for the health of the liver. Therefore, in clinical science, Uncaria is more to treat some diseases caused by heat in the liver meridian, such as head swelling, headache, wind-heat headache, high blood pressure, dizziness, and poor rash.

Treatment of febrile convulsions

What are the effects of Uncaria soaking in water? Old experts told us that this Chinese medicinal material has the effect of treating heat syndrome and convulsions. For some problems such as high fever convulsions, Uncaria can be used to treat. In life, children with convulsions and high fever convulsions can be defended by Uncaria, and it also has a certain inhibitory effect on milder convulsions. However, if the convulsions are more severe, the effect of Uncaria will be weakened. At this time, you should be sent to a doctor urgently. In addition, if you want to strengthen the efficacy of Uncaria in treating heat syndrome, it should be used together with rhino horn, gastrodia elata, antelope horn, etc., so that the effect of clearing heat and anti-spasm will be better.

Treat dizziness and high blood pressure

Studies have also found that the use of Uncaria can play a certain role in the treatment of dizziness, especially the dizziness caused by high blood pressure will have a better effect. The effect of Uncaria soaked in water also includes the treatment of high blood pressure, which can restore blood pressure in the body to normal and has a certain effect on various uncomfortable symptoms caused by high blood pressure.

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