The characteristics of ancient tree Pu’er tea

The characteristics of Pu’er teaPu’er teaFeaturesThe ancient tree Pu’er tea is a “tree essence” that has grown and developed for hundreds of years in the deep mountains. The rhizomes are abnormally developed. The deep-growing fibrous roots touch tens of meters of underground mineral water, and the growing fibrous roots absorb within 100 meters. Nutrients in the soil layer, a variety of nutrient elements are continuously transported from the ground and nearby to the tea branches, which promotes the growth and development of young leaves, and also grows people’s tea leaves;

The characteristics of ancient tree Pu'er tea

Therefore, the ancient tree Pu’er tea has many nutrients, and the tea leaves contain more chemical substances. The soaked soup is delicate, mild, and has a thick and mellow taste. The taste is colorful and hierarchical. The first taste is sweet and delicious, and after a few steeps The sweetness is restored quickly, the process of producing body fluid and quenching thirst reaches six hours; the fragrance hangs in the cup,Tureen, The fragrance of honey in the tea cup and fair cup lasts for a long time.

Rare things are preciousLoose diamonds are often so expensive. Due to its scarce resources, old trees are unique “non-renewable energy”, and they also have scarce resources; Yunnan’s natural environmental resource advantage, the altitude of about 1700 meters, is smoky, blocking the vicious Ultraviolet light, the growth and development of ancient tree Pu’er tea is slow, and the nutrients are deposited more. Of course, the tea leaves are thick and thick with thick buds.It can be said that “Ancient Pu’er Tea is a loose diamond that can be drunk”.    Little Green MandarinThe more fragrant characteristicsPu’er tea is also called “an old antique that can be drunk”. Other tea leaves focus on freshness, and small green oranges focus on aging!The older, the betterTea leavesThe company speculatively rubbed the hot spot Xiaoqinggan.    However, the appreciation space is created on the basis of high-quality raw materials. The raw materials of old trees are selected for harvest, and the conversion is faster and stronger in the middle and late stages. After decades, the difference in the use value of pure old tree Pu’er tea and platform Pu’er tea has been further enlarged. , With strong development potential.How many years of crown diameter can be called an “old tree”?The definition of an old tree has always been objectionable in the tea circle. Some people think that a crown diameter of about 100 years can be called an old tree; but in a strict practical sense, a crown diameter of about 300 years can be regarded as a real old tree. Pu’er tea.Thousands of natural old treesThe total number is very small, and the total amount in the world is very small, and it has long been maintained by government departments. There are full-time personnel around to take care of it, and manual picking is not allowed. At present, tea people who have seen Pu’er tea of ​​thousands of years old on the market want to see it here.
    Tree teaThe crown diameter is 500-1000 years, and the total number is very small. It is mostly hailed as the “Tea King” on the local mountains. At present, pure tree tea is made on the market, and most of the individual plants are privately ordered and picked at one time.Tea leavesMade.Pure natural old treeThe crown diameter of 300-500 years is the more common old canopy diameter on the market. There are many more stocks compared to tree tea, but you must discern it carefully when purchasing, and it is best to try soaking.
Ancient tree teaSprouting time is late?Although the four seasons in Yunnan are like spring, spring often has the climatic phenomenon of cold spring, and spring belongs to the dry season of Yunnan, with low water content, long growth cycle of ancient trees and arbor, low budding rate in early spring, and generally in early spring.Mesa teaHexiaoshucha germinates first, so most ancient trees germinate only in the spring.    The geographical environment where the ancient trees grow is high above sea level, as evidenced by a poem: “The earth is full of fragrance in April, and the peach blossoms in the mountain temple begin to bloom.” The tea trees at high altitude have a longer growth cycle.Life cycleTea trees have their own life cycles: tea trees have to go through the seedling, juvenile, adult and senescence phases with a sound; many hundred-year-old trees have entered the senescence phase, the metabolism of the tea tree itself is slow, and the germination time will be delayed; over-exploitationFor ancient tree tea in some areas, tea farmers did not have the awareness of protection in the early years. Over-exploitation caused damage to tea trees and affected their growth. The process is complicated.Picking old tree tea is time-consuming, coupled with the complex process of making the finished product, a dozen or even dozens of processing procedures, will delay the time for tea to appear on the market.

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