The efficacy and function of ancient tree Pu’er tea

The Efficacy and Function of the Flowing Ancient Tree Pu’er TeaOld treePu’er teaIt is a special kind of Pu’er tea.

The efficacy and function of ancient tree Pu'er tea

    Ancient tree teaRelative to the leavesMesa teaIt is strong, the leaf surface has obvious leather texture, the leaf veins are clear, the leaf edges are irregularly toothed, and the leaf back hair is less.

In the historical sense, the traditional meaning of Pu’er tea is based on the large-leaf species of ancient Yunnan trees as raw materials.Attributes of ancient tree Pu’er tea. Scientific name: ancient tree Pu’er tea. Tea category: Pu’er tea. Type: Old tree tea. Distribution area: Yunnan Grade: High-quality tea. Function: Health care
    Ancient tree Pu’er tea is a special kind of Pu’er tea.In May 2014, with the approval of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, the preparatory group of the Yunnan Ancient Tree Pu’er Tea Collection Research Association was established in Kunming a few days ago. After the relevant work is completed, the Ancient Tree Pu’er Tea Collection Research Association will hold a general meeting in June 2014 And was established.The efficacy of ancient tree Pu’er tea1. Natural health drinksThe anti-cancer health function of Pu’er tea has been confirmed by the medical community, which has strengthened the confidence of tea people.The pharmacological properties of Pu’er tea for fat-removing and digestion, weight loss and slimming have attracted countless people who love beauty and body shaping.Hot drinks make the stomach and intestines comfortable and have the best effect on constipation and frequent urination.Pu’er tea nourishes qi and strengthens essence, and also has a good effect on male impotence and prostatitis.The older the Pu’er tea (longer storage time), the better the qi and yang effect.
2. Prevention and treatment of coronary heart diseaseCoronary heart disease, also known as coronary atherosclerotic heart disease.Drinking tea is effective in preventing and treating coronary heart disease.According to statistics, the incidence of coronary heart disease among those who do not drink tea is 3.1%, while those who drink tea occasionally drop to 2.3%, and those who drink tea regularly (drinking it for more than three years) are only 1.4%.In addition, the exacerbation of coronary heart disease is related to insufficient coronary blood supply and thrombosis.WhileTea polyphenolsInCatechuVegetarianAnd the formation of tea polyphenols continuously oxidized during the decoction processTea pigment, Animal in vitro experiments have shown that it has significant anticoagulation, promoting fibrinolysis, anti-thrombosis and other effects.    
3. Cellulite and weight lossAncient tree tea is a good weight loss companion for women, because ancient tree tea has a very powerful effect on the absorption of lipid compounds, and can also have a significant therapeutic effect on the reduction of cholesterol in the body, achieving the effect of clearing the intestines, eliminating fat and losing weight. .    4. Anti-agingEye-lifting and anti-aging is also one of the effects of ancient tree tea, because the total amount of catechins in Yunnan Daye Tea is higher than that of other tea varieties, and its anti-aging effect is better than other teas.During the processing of ancient tree tea,Tea leavesMany of the substances in it are effectively converted into vitamins and other nutrients, which play an important role in improving the function of the human immune system. Consistently drinking is very helpful for beauty and skin care.
    What is the effect of ancient tree Pu’er tea5. Protect your teethWith the increase of age or the usual improper maintenance, the teeth will decay silently and no longer be strong.The ancient tree tea contains many physiologically active ingredients. Consistently drinking ancient tree tea can effectively treat diseases caused by bacteria and strengthen teeth.
The brewing method and precautions of ancient tree Pu’er teaWater temperatureWater temperature is a very influential factor that is easily overlooked by us.
    The choice of water temperature is related to the characteristics of tea quality and the tendency of drinkers.If you pay attention to the rich levels of the aroma of ancient trees, the fullness of the taste, the delicateness of the sweetness and the long rhyme of the mountain, then the water temperature must not be too high. The suitable water temperature for most teas is 80-85 degrees, and some can be higher or even exceed 90 degrees, and some parts have to be controlled at 75 degrees.If the temperature is lower than 70 degrees, it will affect the performance of ancient trees and the operation of tea gas will also be affected.
    Different teas use different water temperatures, which sounds a bit mysterious, but this is the richness of the ancient tree Pu’er, which is why Ming Shoutang has different recommended temperatures for each tea.
    Many people are used to brewing with boiling water, in fact, andOolong teaThe aroma of Pu’er tea is different. The aroma of Pu’er tea is delicate and rich. It is the effect of comprehensive factors such as mountain farms. Except for a few teas, this method will cover many characteristics for most teas.But if the tasting is relatively rough and just pays attention to the so-called domineering, then the temperature control is not so important.
    Compared with raw tea, the water temperature of old tea can be higher, but it needs a warming process to slowly wake up its vitality.
It is worth mentioning that many of our seemingly mysterious things are behind the water temperature.
    For example, some people say that the fragrance of a tea is more obvious in Kunming than in the coastal areas. This is not because there is something mysterious in the air, but the boiling point of Kunming water is about 7 degrees lower than that in coastal areas. SuitableMake teaTemperature.
    There are also people who say that Gaochong’s tea has a better aroma, which is also related to the cooling of water in the air during Gaochong.In the same way, the rotation of the outlet water along the edge of the cup is also related to the cooling of the water through the edge of the cup.Of course I am not opposed to these technical techniques to enrich our tea art, I just hope that people without these skills can also drink good tea.
    The brewing temperature is not the same as the temperature suitable for drinking.From the perspective of taste, a 50-60 degree drink is the most comfortable to drink, but I still recommend that you adapt to a higher temperature to experience a richer body feel.
    Tea amountThe amount of tea is still suitable for people and tea, too low is obviously not conducive to tasting, and too high will also affect the taste.It is reasonable to say that if you simply pursue a clear body feel, there should be no problem with increasing the amount of tea, but in practice, if the amount of tea is too large, the body feel may not be better.This is the principle of neutralization.
General old tree 110mlTureenPutting 5-7 grams of tea, from the perspective of taste, the amount of tea with heavy bitterness can be reduced, and tea with light bitterness can be increased; old tea can be increased appropriately, on the one hand, in order to experience the mellowness of old tea, on the other hand the bitterness of old tea Decrease, the increase will not affect the taste.If you are not sure about the size of a vessel, you can estimate it based on the proportion of the space occupied by the tea leaves after brewing.After the new tea is brewed, the bottom of the leaf occupies half or slightly more of the lid, and the old tea can be more to all.The above is only from the taste of the taste, of course, everyone has different tastes, and there is no need to be consistent.
Soup timeFrom the perspective of tasting the ancient tree Pu’er, most of the people I met still took too long to make the soup.Don’t make tea in the way of tea review, it will only cover up the difference between Yunkang (mainstream variety of tableland tea) and ancient trees, even the best old trees will be completely different.
    Generally speaking, ancient treesLoose teaThe first few bubbles can come out immediately after entering the water, or out within 5 seconds.Depending on the size of the pried piece of cake tea, you can add a little time.Of course, it also depends on the specific tea.The tighter tea takes longer than the loosely brewed tea.As the number of soaks increases, the soup time also gradually increases.
Why is the soup time so short, because the ancient tree Pu’er is the tea with the richest content, and the extract is much more than other teas. If you press the soup time of other teas, it is not appropriate.    Similar to the principle of the amount of tea, tea with light bitterness or old tea can increase the time appropriately, and tea with heavy bitterness can not be stuffed.
    First few bubblesThe importance of the first few bubbles is often ignored.The first few bubbles are handled well to lay a good foundation, and the bubble method can be changed freely later.If the first few bubbles are not handled properly, it will be difficult to recover later. This is the principle of “dependent origin”.
sense of rhythmThe brewing process should not be too rushed or too slow.After a tasting, it is better to pause for a while.Especially when two or three tasting, too fast will have a great impact on the tasting.    
Pinquan and refreshmentsWhy drink a glass of water in the middle of tasting tea? There are two main benefits. The first is to clean your tongue and mouth to eliminate tasting fatigue; more importantly, it can stimulate your body fluid and oral vitality. You will find that the water is so sweet and mellow.    Generally speaking, it is not advisable to eat tea when tasting tea, especially sweet and greasy things.A small amount of neutral or slightly salty non-irritating things is not a big problem, and sometimes it will stimulate the vitality of the oral cavity.It is not advisable to eat spicy food before tasting tea, the tongue will be dull, and the astringency of drinking tea will be more severe.
TechniqueThere are many things that can be said in the technique, and this is also the content of the tea ceremony course.It will take a period of precipitation for Ming Shoutang to open up this aspect.I only remind two aspects here: the external form and statement are not important, the important thing is that the mind should be relaxed and focused, and the technique should be smooth without hesitation.If you can do these two things, you can make a good tea.
          Brew tea
Tea can be boiled after brewing. This is not a new invention, but a continuation of the oldest way of drinking tea.When brewing tea, you need to pay attention to adding an appropriate amount of water and control the brewing time, so that the brewed tea will be more mellow.Not only old tea can be brewed, but new tea can also be brewed.Old trees with rich connotations can be cooked more than three times after they are soaked in taste.
    Other brewing methodsIn addition to the above, the ancient tree Pu’er can also have other brewing methods, such as elegant cup brewing,Thermos cupStuffy bubbles, cold water bubbles, etc., etc., and the main principles are the same.As long as you understand the characteristics of the ancient tree Pu’er, you can use it flexibly.For example, when I go out, I sometimes use more than a dozen bubbles of tea in a thermos cup. After a long period of high temperature and stuffiness, there may also be amazing effects that are difficult to achieve with lidding bowls and teapots. That is the shape of unintentional ChengjiamingThe leaves of ancient tree Pu’er tea are stronger than tableland teas, the texture of the leaf leather is obvious, the veins are clear, the leaf edges are irregular, and the leaf back hair is less.In the historical sense, the traditional meaning of Pu’er tea is based on the large-leaf species of ancient Yunnan trees as raw materials.aromaThe aroma of ancient tree Pu’er tea is deep and thick, and it stays for a long time.TasteAncient tree Pu’er tea will bring a rich taste, and feel a breath from the mountains and wilds. The tea soup has a high density and mellowness and smooth penetration.Leaf bottomAfter brewing the ancient tree Pu’er tea, the leaves are stretched well, and they are hypertrophic, elastic and flexible; while the terrace tea is not easy to relax, and the texture is thin and crunchy.CharmThe taste of tree tea is mellow, and the sweetness of the bitter and astringent taste allows the mouth to produce fluid, and the charm is left in the mouth and throat for a long time. The energy of the old tea is released slowly, and the performance of the tea gas is slowly reflected, which makes people feel comfortable. High.PotentialBecause the leaves of ancient tree Pu’er tea come from the roots of the big trees deep into the soil, the roots absorb more nutrients from the ground and make the leaves have a lot of conversion value, and of course the potential space is also high.Why is ancient tree Pu’er tea expensive? 1. Resources are scarceAncient tree Pu’er tea is a scarce resource, especially those that are particularly delicious. Old tree Pu’er tea is originally rare. In addition, ancient tea trees are scattered in the deep mountains and jungles. , The output is very scarce.Coupled with the large number of people who want it now, the imbalance of supply and demand, and price increases are inevitable.2. Safe and pollution-freeThe ancient tree Pu’er tea has lived for hundreds or even thousands of years. It has deep and dry roots. It absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon and receives nourishment from the earth without the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.In addition, everyone has a strong awareness of ecological protection of ancient tree Pu’er tea, which makes the production of its tea more secure.3. Ancient tea trees are richer in nutrientsThe wonderful experience and unique taste of ancient tree Pu’er tea is unparalleled, whether it is tea smell, taste, tea fragrance, water fragrance, sweetness, throat…This is unmatched by ordinary tea trees.Pu’er tea is originally recognizedHealth tea, The ancient tree Pu’er tea with richer nutrients is naturally more favored by the market.4. Higher collection valuePu’er tea is called “an antique to drink”, and its original collection value is high.But don’t forget, of course, it must be a good tea that is worth collecting. What kind of tea can be at the same level as the pure ancient tree tea?

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