What is cooked Pu’er tea

Pu’er tea bar what is cooked Pu’er teaWhat is healthPu’er tea?What isCooked Pu’er Tea?In a sense, Pu’er tea is a characteristic tea of ​​Yunnan. It is a sharp-leaf species in a special area of ​​Yunnan. After being sun-dried, it will be subjected to autoclave, and then the resulting goods, according to the national geographical indication product standard, this is Pu’er teaPu’er tea.

What is cooked Pu'er tea


If this kind of sunburn, undergoes appropriate flooding and mellowness, after 30 to 50 days, then the high and low temperature test results in changes in the compounds contained in the tea leaves, one is consumption, one is the product caused by the restructuring of major assets, and then the transformation. This is the Pu-erh tea that is often referred to as Pu-erh ripe tea.
    In historical time, when did Pu’er ripen tea appear before? What are the characteristics of Pu’er tea before it appeared?From the perspective of ancient history, from 1973, as a symbolic time to carry out a link, before 1973, what is the Pu’er tea that everyone often talks about? In fact, it means that the fresh leaves from the old Camellia oleifera tree in Yunnan, which are often referred to, are harvested and separated, dried, and autoclaved to make bricks, cakes, and lumps.
After being placed for a certain period of time, its quality will change. What kind of freshly made tea leaves in the past have a strong sense of bitterness. After a period of time, they will have sweet and mellow characteristics. The color of the soup will change from light green or yellowish brown. It becomes a kind of orange-red and orange-yellow.In other words, it belongs to the traditional Pu’er tea in the middle of history.    
    With the development trend of the stage, from the regulation of the market sales development trend in 1973, most of the Pu’er tea was sold out in the past.With the development trend of market sales regulations, everyone’s sales market requirements expand. According to the tradition, the dried greens are autoclaved and the resulting products are placed at the time when the characteristics of Pu’er tea are displayed. It can’t be reached, so it just started to appear how to quickly transform tea leaves into products that everyone needs according to the production process.In other words, after 73 years, Yunnan’s innovation and technology workers, China Tea Company Kunming Tea Factory, Menghai Factory employees, some of the professional and technical personnel, have just started scientific research, how to make Pu’er tea and Pu’er ripe tea?In this way, the history of Pu’er ripe tea has just begun. From a professional point of view, how to make it? That is to say, there is a concept of time.In the beginning, fresh leaves must be made into sun-dried greens, and the relative perfection of the raw materials of Pu’er tea in sun-dried tea is higher.
Therefore, after 73 years, the selection of raw materials for fermentation of tea leaves means that the raw materials of one bud and three leaves are produced and manufactured. The characteristics of thickness are immediately related to everyone’s tea leaf raw materials.    Then there is a certain degree of certainty about the birth place of Pu’er tea.The discovery of the technicality of Pu’er tea has just begun, but the historical time of the real tea leaf fermentation should be 75 years later, until 79 years later, everyone has dried a Pu’er tea production standard specification, which regulates the Pu’er tea ripe tea. How to produce and make an established statement

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