How to make tea cakes

How to make green tea
    Tea cakeIt is a very special tea. From its appearance, it looks like a round and round tea.

How to make tea cakes

It is very beautiful and the quality is very good, likePu’er teaThe same, it smells special, the quality is good, and there is a very refreshing taste, which is very sweet and refreshing.

Let’s briefly talk about how tea cakes are brewed below.
How to make tea cake1. PreparationWe are rushingMake teaAt the same time as the cake, the preparation work must be done first. The things to be prepared are tea sieve, tea cup,Tea knife, Teapot, etc.When we are brewing tea cakes, we must distinguish between what is old tea and what is cooked tea, so that it will be more convenient and simple to brew, and it is also easier to boil water, and some are preferably 100 degrees boiling water.    
2. Disperse the teaQiaocha is a small technical job, it is to put the tea cake onTea leavesBeat it carefully with a small knife, and then slowly beat the tea leaves from the tea cake with a tea knife.In this way, the tea leaves can be loosened and can be taken off gradually.The tea can be selected and sifted again, and the better tea can be selected.    
    3. Throw tea to wake up teaPutting tea is to put the selected tea into the teapot, generally 10 grams is better.Then, the tea leaves are slightly awake, so that the tea quality of the tea can be removed well, the impurities in the tea can be removed well, and the tea can be well prevented from being washed away, so this step is also very important. , Has a great effect.
    4. Brewing methodThe next step is to start brewing. You can brew 100 degrees of boiling water directly on the tea cakes, so that the tea can be brewed for 5 minutes. After the teapot is warm, the soup can be quickly made, and the tea cakes can be more. It is brewed and drunk twice, so it is very convenient and simple to brew. It is the same brewing method as usual. Now you know the brewing method of tea cakes.

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