How to make Huoshan green tea

How to make Huoshan green tea at the Tea ExpoHuoshan, Anhui is a large tea-producing area, which producesYellow tea, LikeHuoshan Yellow Bud,HuoshanYellow teaWaitTea leavesThey are all very famous yellow teas.

How to make Huoshan green tea

In addition to yellow tea, Huoshan also producesGreen teaAlthough Huoshan green tea is not as famous as yellow tea, the quality of the green tea produced is also excellent.

Next, let’s take a look at the brewing method of Huoshan green tea.

The correct brewing method of Huoshan green tea

1. PreparationTea set

Before making Huoshan green tea, you must first prepare the tea set. It is generally recommended to choose a transparent glass so that you can watch the whole green tea tea dance in the hot water through the glass.Secondly, you can choose ceramic cups or tea bowls.The tea set you choose is best to be white, which can bring out the emerald greenness of Huoshan green tea.

2. Prepare water

It is best to use high-quality mineral water or mountain spring water for making Huoshan green tea, tap water is not recommendedBrew green tea, Because the tap water contains a lot of electric ions, which will seriously affect the taste of tea soup.The temperature of the water should also be mastered, generally around 85 degrees.

3. The amount of tea

To make Huoshan green tea correctly, in addition to the choice of tea sets and water quality, you must also pay attention to the amount of tea. Generally, the tea is poured at a ratio of 1:50, so that the Huoshan green tea brewed is suitable in density and has a fresh and mellow taste.You can also adjust the amount of tea according to your own taste.

4. Brewing time

Next, you can start brewing Huoshan green tea, pour boiling water into the teacup, and note that you can’t add a lid to simmer, as this will scald the green tea.The correct way to make Huoshan green tea is that the brewing time is too long, and when the tea leaves are fully unfolded, the soup can be made.

Make Huoshan green tea according to the above method, pay attention to the water temperature, the amount of tea and the brewing time.

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