How to open a new teapot

What kind of tea new teapot how to open the potWant to drink good tea,Make teaThe method is important, and a good teapot is more important.

How to open a new teapot

Therefore, many tea lovers like to choose a good teapot, and after buying a teapot home, you must open the pot before you can make tea.

However, many people don’t just open the pot, it is actually easy to open the pot, but if you don’t master the correct method, it is also easy to break a new teapot.
    How to open a new teapot1. Net potAlthough the new teapot is new, it is actually not clean inside. There is not only a lot of dust, but also a lot of special substances such as aluminum powder. Therefore, the first step in buying a new teapot is to clean the pot.Rinse with warm water firstWash teaPot, you can clean up the dust and white debris on the surface of the new teapot.
2. Wake up the potAfter the initial cleaning of the new teapot, it has been cleaned a lot, but it is not enough to clean the dust after opening the new teapot.To wake the pot is to rinse the new teapot with boiling water.First boil a pot of boiling water, and then rinse the body of the new teapot with the water that has just been boiled, so that the pores of the new teapot are heated and expanded.    
    3. Open the potNext, it’s the last step of opening the new teapot, ready to drink it yourselfTea leaves, Put a lot of tea into the new teapot, and then pour it into the boiling water that has just been boiled.This time the tea is not drunk.Therefore, the water should be full, it is best to let the water overflow and pour it on the surface of the teapot.Close the lid again and simmer for a few hours.newPurple Clay TeapotHow to open a potPut the new purple clay pot in the pot, add cold water, boil it over high heat, and slowly heat it for an hour, so that the body of the pot will expand, the stomata will open, and the impurities and dust inside will be spit out.Next, add tofu in the new purple clay pot and boil it with clean water to remove heat.
    At this point, the new teapot is basically over when the pot is opened, and the new tea friend can follow the steps.WestTeapotAfter that, you can make tea, and it is best to always use one kind of tea to make tea.

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