How to use the tea clip

How to use Qingxiang Tieguanyin tea clipInMake teaWhen, you need to use in addition toTea setAndTea leavesIn addition, we also need a tool, which is a tea clip.

How to use the tea clip

Most people may not understand this tool, and only the upper class in ancient times and the current tea ceremony would use it frequently.

Next, let’s take a look at the use of tea clips.

How to use the tea clip

1. When using a tea clip, you must first pay attention to the gesture of holding the tea clip. Generally you use your right hand to hold the tea clip. Use the thumb, index finger and middle finger of your right hand to hold the tea clip. Pay attention, these three fingers must be hard, otherwise, It may drop tea leaves or tea cups.

2.Next, use three fingers at the same time to add the cups. Generally, you must clamp the inside of the cup. The tea clip is best to go deep into the bottom of the cup, so that it is not easy to drop the cup.Note that the distance between your fingers and the teacup should not be too long, preferably about two centimeters, otherwise it is difficult to control the strength and it is easy to drop the teacup.

3.The tea clip is used to take tea leaves and tea cups, which is mainly for hygiene, but also to prevent scalding.When using a tea clip to take tea, do not take the upper part of the tea clip. The upper part is generally for holding tea leaves. It is not hygienic to touch it with your hands.When using a tea clip to hold a teacup, be sure to clamp it to prevent the tea set from falling.

4. After using the tea clip, remember to put it on the tea towel and wipe it gently, so as to ensure the tea clip is clean and hygienic.After the tea is brewed, you can’t directly hold the teacup by hand. This is very hot and unsanitary. It is best to use a tea clip to hold the teacupWash teaYou can also use a tea clip to hold the cup instead of washing it by hand, which will easily burn your hands and is very unhygienic.This is the most basic etiquette for making tea.

The purpose of using the tea clip is to ensure the hygiene of the tea making process, so after using the tea clip, remember to clean it.    

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