How to open the newly bought purple clay pot

How to open the newly bought purple clay tea pot of brand tea
    Make teaThere are three factors, one is water quality, one is water temperature, and the other isTea setChoice.

How to open the newly bought purple clay pot

Our countryTea leavesThere are countless types, and there are many corresponding tea sets, among themPurple Clay TeapotIt is a very easy-to-use tea set.

Fortunately to find a good purple clay pot, we must first know how to open the purple clay pot. Let’s take a look at the specific method.
How to open the newly bought purple clay pot1. Wash the potFirst, brush the whole body of the newly purchased purple clay pot with a brush, and then rinse the purple clay pot with hot water. Finally, put the body and lid into the container, add cold water and boil it over high heat, and then use it. Cook on low heat for an hour.Note that the kettle body and the kettle lid must be cooked separately, because a lot of special mud powder is added to the kettle lid, so it must be cleaned well.    
2. Get rid of the fireThe purple clay pot is made by high-temperature calcination in the kiln, so I bought it newlyTeapotWhen it’s time, be sure to go to the fire first.When removing the fire, tofu is used, because tofu contains something called stone, which can be removed from the fire.Wash the tofu first, then cut into chunks, and put it in a purple clay pot.    To prevent water from leaking out, first press the lid tightly.Then put the newly bought purple clay pot in the pot, add cold water and boil over high heat until the tofu aroma is overflowing, then turn off the fire and take the purple clay pot out.
    3. Raising a potThe last step of opening the purple clay pot is to raise the pot, which is the most soulful step that cannot be ignored.Put the tea you love most into the purple clay pot, pour it into boiling water, cover the lid and soak for about ten minutes.This step is actually to use good tea leaves to boil water, so as to achieve the purpose of opening the pot.
After completing the above three steps, the newly bought purple clay pot will be opened. Then, you can use the purple clay pot to make tea. How about? Is it easy to open a teapot?

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