How to make Maojian tea

How to make Maojian tea if the tea egg is black tea or green teaLike drinking greenMaojian TeaMy friend needs to learn to brew it when he is low at home, MaojianGreen teaIt is also a good tea.

How to make Maojian tea

Its taste is also very delicious, and it has a good refreshing effect. Drink it oftenMaojian Green TeaIt can also play a good role in relieving fatigue, preventing diseases, and resisting the possibility of cancer.

How to make Maojian tea The brewing method of Maojian tea1. Get readyTea leaves
We are rushingMake teaAt the same time as leaves, the first thing is to prepare tea leaves andTea setIt is very important to prepare well before making tea.Simply blanch the tea set, which can kill the virus at high temperature and has a good cleaning and sanitation effect.The Maojian tea brewed in this way is also very safe and assured, and the tea leaves can be used in an appropriate amount.
    2. Boil the water temperatureBefore brewing, we have to prepare the water quality, and then use the kettle to boil the water.If the water is boiled, it can be cooled slightly to more than 80 degrees, because the temperature of the water for brewing Maojian tea must not be too high. The Maojian tea is very tender, and it must be brewed at the right temperature. The tea is the best, so pay attention to it a little bit.    
    3. Start brewingPut the Maojian tea into the tea cup, so that you can pour the boiling water well, and the water can be poured until it is seven minutes full. After half a minute, you can clearly see the changes in the tea in the cup. It is very good. It has a relaxing effect, which can make the soup color of Maojian tea very well, and it can also smell a good fragrance.
    4. Tasting the soupMaojian tea is a very good tea, so the color of the brewed soup is very beautiful. While tasting it, we can relax and taste it carefully, so that we can have a good feeling of enjoyment, as long as Drinking a small sip of the mental side is delicious, there is a very good taste, the body is very fresh, tender and mellow, and the taste is really good.

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