What are the green tea

What are the green teas of tea foreign trade companies
    Green teaIt is a very special tea, and its varieties are very good for drinking.

What are the green tea

Today we will briefly explain green tea, which is actuallyOolong tea, And this oolong tea will be mainly divided into four categories.

Then while we are drinking green tea, have you noticed that drinking green tea regularly has a special benefit to our body, let’s take a look.
What are the green teaGreen tea is a fermented tea, which is mainly divided into four categories.The northern Fujian oolong tea in Fujian Province, as well as the southern Fujian oolong tea, this is the main production area of ​​oolong tea in my country.The second is Guangdong Oolong tea, which is produced in Chaozhou and is very popular among people.The last category isTaiwan Oolong TeaThe soup is yellow and bright, and the taste and texture are very good, very delicious and tasteful.The efficacy and role of green tea1. Cellulite and weight lossGreen tea can help us to lose weight and lose weight. People who drink green tea often have a very good physique.Because green tea can absorb carbonized water and fatty foods of the human body very well, it can also help us speed up the body’s energy and promote the burning of excess fat, which can eliminate excess fat in the human body. Good for a fat-removing effect.    
    2. Relieve stressGreen tea can relieve stress well, improve nerves, and reduce the stress of young people.The work pressure of young people nowadays is really too great. It is necessary to drink some green tea to relieve physical fatigue, otherwise it will lead to physical and emotional anxiety due to fatigue. You must relieve your pressure well so that you can have energy. Go to work well.
    3. Lower blood lipidsGreen tea has a very good effect of lowering blood lipids and can prevent hardening of arteries.In addition, drinking more of this green tea can reduce the viscosity of the blood, which can speed up the blood flow, promote blood circulation, and improve the state to have a good state. There is no need to worry about the increase in blood pressure. It is good to prevent the effect of lowering blood lipids.

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