Varieties of Dan Cong Tea

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    Dan Cong TeaIt has the good effects of relieving heat and heat, eliminating fatigue, preventing cancer, and resisting human aging. It is a very good tea.

Varieties of Dan Cong Tea

The brewing of Dan Cong tea is also extremely simple. We like the fresh and natural taste, and we also like the taste of Dan Cong tea. People who have drank it say it is good, so we still especially like it. This has Chinese tea, which is very flavorful.

Varieties of Dan Cong TeaThere are not many varieties of Dancong tea, but there will still be several different varieties on the market.For example, there is Shan Cong tea from Chaozhou Phoenix, which isDuck dung.The other isPhoenix DancongTea Milan Xiangwu PremiumTea leaves, Osmanthus Fragrant Dancong Tea, Dawuye Chaozhou Phoenix, etc. are all good Dancong teas.This tea is very special, but the effects are similar.How to make Dancong tea1. Choose water and throw teaWe can choose to use natural mineral water for brewing, and tap water, pure water, etc. are all available. It is enough to burn the water to a temperature of more than 80 degrees. It is not suitable to burn too high or not. Too low, just the right temperature will do.Then it is to throw tea.We must learn to throw tea.As long as we throw in the right amount of tea, it is best to throw it according to the ratio of tea to water.    
    2. Start brewingWe choose to use a porcelain bowl with a lid to brew Dancong tea, orPurple Clay TeapotIt’s all possible. You can clean the tea leaves first, and then pour the tea directly into the teacup. As long as you pour it into the cup, you can basically make a good brew. The space can play a good role and make tea more absorbed.
    3. Take out the soup and drink teaDancong tea has the most color, fragrance, and taste when it is just brewed. After the tea is brewed, the next step is to taste the taste of the tea. We can taste the list carefully. Congcha, take a sip and let it stay in your mouth for a while, so that you can fully feel a taste of it, and it has a sweet aftertaste.

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