How to make sponge tea

How to make the tea in the tea cabinet
    BuxusYesGreen teaThe best in China is a general term for those green teas that are shaped like sparrow tongues.

How to make sponge tea

Buxus has a fresh and refreshing taste and a sweet aftertaste. It is a big love for tea lovers.

However, to drink good tea, in addition to having goodTea leavesIn addition, you must know the corresponding brewing method. Next, let’s take a look at how to make sponge tongue tea.

The brewing method of sparrow tongue tea

1. Choose firstTea set, It is generally best to use ceramic or glassware to soak the tongue,Make teaFor the water, you can choose pure water or mineral water.It is best not to use tap water, because there are a lot of electric ions in tap water, which has a great impact on the taste of tea.Next, first boil a pot of boiling waterWash teaGu, quickly drained the water in about thirty seconds.

2. The next step is to throw tea. Generally, a two-hundred milliliter tea cup is put into about four grams of bukkake. If the amount of tea is too much, the tea soup will be too thick and the taste will be bitter. If the amount of tea is too small, it may cause tea soup. Too thin, too light and tasteless.

3.Next, brew the sparrow tongue tea.It is generally brewed with boiling water of about 85 degrees. The water temperature should not be too low. If it is too low, the contents of the tea can not be soaked at all. The tea brewed is light and tasteless, and the water temperature should not be too high. Too high will scald the tea. It will cause the tea soup to be too bitter.Therefore, the temperature of the water is the key to brewing Buxue Tea.

4. After flushing boiled water into the tea cup, you must grasp the time to soak the sparrow tongue tea.First bubbleGenerally, the soup can be made in about 30 seconds. The tea soup and the tea leaves should be separated quickly. The next few times should increase the time for the soup. Generally, it is enough to brew three times in a row.    

The method of soaking sparrow tongue tea has been introduced to everyone. Everyone must pay attention to the temperature of the water and the time of soup. These two points are the key to soaking sparrow tongue.

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