How to drink Maojian

Where is the tea good and how to drink the tip
    Maojian TeaIt is a very good tea, it is very tender, and a good tea ceremony.

How to drink Maojian

Maojian tea is really good, and many people especially like its taste.

How to make Maojian tea to drink the best, let’s talk about it briefly today.How do we make Maojian tea in our lives? Let’s take a look.
    How to drink Maojian How to soak Maojian is the best drink1. Master the temperatureWe all know that Maojian tea is very fresh and tender, so we must keep a good temperature when brewing it, so that we can brew Maojian tea well.Maojian tea itself will be divided into high-end first-class and second-classTea leavesIn this way, one of its flavors can be selected well, and different teas have different tastes.
2. Choose water qualityThe color of the soup brewed by Maojian tea is very bright and clear, so our water quality is also particular about it.We can choose to use better water to brew, so that the brewed Maojian tea is very, very delicious.As usual, we usually use pure mineral water or clean well water. The water quality is absolutely tea quality.    
    3. Comparison of volumeThe quantity comparison mentioned here is the comparison between tea and water.Our ratio is generally a very stable comparison, which is very good.As long as you grasp the comparison of tea and quantity, in fact, brewing Maojian tea is very simple and very beneficial.
    4. Drink quietlyWhen we brew Maojian tea, we can calm down and drink slowly. Nowadays, many people are unwilling to calm down and drink tea. They are very impatient while drinking tea, so we should have it. Calm down and drink slowly, so that only when drinking Maojian tea can you deeply understand the mystery of the tea, and then you can taste the taste of the tea.

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