What kind of tea does Junshan Maojian belong to?

Which black tea and green tea are good? What kind of tea does Junshan Maojian belong to?Junshan Maojian is a good tea in our Hunan. It also has another original name called Junshan tea, which is a very good tea, commonly known asBaimaojianIt is a good tea that is very healthy.

What kind of tea does Junshan Maojian belong to?

Today, let’s talk about how Junshan Maojian is brewed, and what kind of tea it has.In fact, it has a particularly good growth environment and plenty of rain.

What kind of tea does Junshan Maojian belong to?Junshan Maojian belongs toGreen teaIts characteristics are very obvious.It has a very strong string, high internal quality, very fresh and mellow and sweet, and the soup color is also very clear and bright.Junshan Maojian has a very good effect, such as whitening, refreshing, improving eyesight, lowering blood pressure, antibacterial, weight loss, UV protection, disease prevention, etc., the effect is very good and very good.How to soak Junshan Maojian1. First warm cupWhen we brew Junshan Maojian, we must first warm the cup, so that the brewed tea dishes are more tasteful.You can take an appropriate amount of boiling water first, and choose a transparent glass, so that you can either blanch the cup or further clean the cup, and the effect is very good.The next step is to prepare the medicineMake teaThe water quality is generally burned to more than 80 degrees, which is the best.
2. Set the tea to shake the fragranceWe are puttingTea leavesAt the time, we can put it according to the ratio of tea to water, so that we can well control its amount, which is roughly a ratio of 1:50 to set the tea.Shaking incense is actually to pour the prepared warm water into a quarter of the cup body, and shake the cup body for 4 seconds.You can observe its tea fragrance well, and the taste is very fragrant.    3. Brewing processWe are brewing JunshanMaojian TeaWhen you can directly inject water intoTea setIn the middle, the power of pouring the tea can also be slightly faster, so that the tea can be brewed well, and it has a good relaxing tea effect, and generally it can be well brewed out of tea soup. , There is a good tumbling action, and the tea will taste very strong after brewing.

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