How to soak red dates

Yunnan tea Pu’er tea belongs to how to make red datesJujube is an essential good ingredient in our lives. It can be used to make soup and can also be used to brew water.

How to soak red dates

Especially female friends can make good use of the benefits of red dates to supplement their nutrients. Regular eating of red dates is very bloodless, and the face is also very ruddy. There is a good one that is not bloody. Brew daily. A few are the best.

How to soak red dates and jujube water the correct way1. FirstFirst of all, we have to prepare the red dates. For red dates, we usually choose to use the northeastJujubeOr the jujube from Xinjiang is acceptable.For the quality, it is best to choose a better brew.The water from such red dates will be more nutritious.You can simply remove the seeds from the red dates, or you can simply rinse the wine.
    2. SecondNext, after the red dates are fully prepared, we must prepare the water quality. If we want to drink the most nutritious water quality, we must choose the mineral water with trace elements to brew In general, this kind of water is not boiled, and it is generally enough to boil it until it is separated.This way, the red jujube water is also the best temperature, and it will not destroy the nutrition of the jujube.    
    3. AgainPut the red dates in the container, you can choose to brew with a water cup, or you can choose to useThermos cupCome to brew.If it is winter, we recommend using a vacuum flask for brewing, so that the red jujube water will not be cold immediately after brewing.Put the red dates in the boiling water and close the lid tightly, so that the flavor of the red dates can be fully brewed.
    4. BestIt usually takes about a quarter of an hour or half an hour to brew the jujube water, so that the jujube water will be thicker, and a small sip has a very sweet feeling. Not only can the jujube water be drunk, but the jujube meat can also be drunk. It tastes really good and delicious.Jujube water can be drunk at any time in the morning or at noon in the evening. It can replenish water and nutrition. Be sure to remember the correct way to soak the jujube water.

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