The difference between Laocong Narcissus and Laocong Black Tea

The difference between buying Longjing tea Laocong Narcissus and Laocong Black Tea Laocong Narcissus and Laocong Black TeaBlack teaThe differenceOld Cong Narcissus, the crown diameter of the tea tree is over 50 yearsNarcissus tea!Due to the large crown diameter, most of the tea trees are covered with moss, so the processed teaTea leavesTeaFriends say that Lao Cong has a “cluster taste” which is a kind of “lichen”.

The difference between Laocong Narcissus and Laocong Black Tea

Loved by old tea people! Lao Cong is specifically expressed in the smell of moss, the fragrance of zongzi leaves, and the smell of wood! Laocong narcissus is the meaning of oolong in northern Fujian.Laocong narcissus tea leaves are soft, healthy and nutritious, and the soup is very thick and thick, and the nourishing soup is silky and has the taste of spring tea.

Laocong narcissus is a superb product in narcissus tea.    
Laocong black tea is produced fromLapsang SouchongThe place of origin, the Tongmuguan area of ​​Wuyishan Reserve in Fujian! Its unique topography has the advantages of wild tea, which is planted by ancient people, and has a history of nearly a hundred years.Generally, tea lovers call it Lao Cong black tea, which is of good quality, low production, and very popular in the sales market.Laocong’s key growth and development are on the mountains at 800-1500 meters above sea level, and the weather and pure natural natural environment of the wetland park in the Tongmuguan area have led to its high quality.Laocong black tea sticks are thicker than WuyiRock teaLonger and thinner, not good-looking, many people do not accept its design, but it contains the distinctive zongzi leaf fragrance and its bamboo leaf fragrance, the nourishing soup is mellow and thick, the sweetness is good, the sweetness is good, and the throat is good. Contains a refreshing feeling, which is the top grade in Wuyi black tea.    

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