How to make tureen tea

How to make ritual tea gaiwan teaEvery weekend, there is no need to go to the crowded crowds. It is the most pleasant thing to stay in the room with a few friends quietly, drinking tea, reading a book, or talking about life.

How to make tureen tea

To taste tea, you must have good tea, and good tea cannot do without goodTea set.

In the history of our country,TureenAlways good Make teaTools, below, let’s take a look at how to make tea with a tureen.7 steps for making tureen tea1. SpareFirst, prepare the tea set. Here, prepare a white porcelain cover bowl with a capacity of about 110 ml, a tea sea and several tea cups.In this way, you can distribute the brewed tea to your friends, and let your friends enjoy the whole process of making tea.
2. Warm cupAfter the tea is ready, it must be cleaned. The boiled water is slowly flushed into the tureen, and the water can be flushed in a counterclockwise rotation. It can be quickly rotated three times, which is very pleasing to the eye.Then, lift the lid with both hands and shake it gently, then quickly pour the water out, and use the same method to clean several tea cups.    3. Weigh tea
    Tea leavesThe amount of tea is very important, because too much or too little tea will affect the taste of the tea, so you can choose to use a gram scale to weigh the tea.Use a gram scale to weigh out about five grams of tea leaves and put them in a tureen to smell the tea.
    4. Water injectionRotate the boiling water counterclockwise and slowly pour it into the bowl along the wall of the bowl, taking care not to rush directly onto the tea, so as to ensure the original flavor of the tea and ensure that the tea is not damaged by the boiling water.
5. WaterThe biggest advantage of making tea with a tureen is that you can well control the time of the water, which has a very impact on the taste of the tea.The water outlet time is generally about 5 seconds.    6, divide teaAfter the tea soup comes out of the soup, immediately divide the tea soup with the tea sea and distribute it to the guests.After drinking, only need to fill in water.
    7, tasting teaPick up the tea cup, smell the tea first, then look at the color of the soup, and finally take a sip, the entrance is smooth, and the sweetness is quicker.

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