The efficacy and role of Lingtou Dancong

What is the use of tea? The efficacy and function of Lingtou Dancong
    Lingtou DancongAlias ​​White LeafDan Cong Tea.

The efficacy and role of Lingtou Dancong

It originated in the Hammerhead Niang Mountain in Lingtou Village, Fubin Town, Raoping County, at an altitude of 1032 meters. The key characteristics of Lingtou Dancong New Tea are its dark and shiny color, well-proportioned strands, long and thin, mellow taste, and beeswax flavor. The fragrance of honey.

The strips of winter tea are sturdy, and the design is slightly bent.
Tea name: Lingtou DancongPrice quotation: 199-1999 yuanTea series:Green tea
    Tea leavesFeatures: dark and luminous, well-proportionedTaste: full-bodied, with the characteristics of beeswax Lingtou DancongLingtou Dancong new tea is dark and shiny in color, well-proportioned, long and thin, with a mellow taste, beeswax in taste, and honey.The strips of winter tea are sturdy, and the design is slightly bent.The production process of Lingtou DancongLingtou Dancong tea processing technology and tea characteristics: the picking time of each year is for the new tea before and after the Qingming Festival of each year; the summer tea is from mid-to-late April to the beginning of July; the autumn tea is from mid-to-late November; the winter tea is at Mid to late October.The picking specification is two to three leaves per bud.Its manufacturing process, after drying, cooling, touching,Tea leaves, Kneading, air-drying and other procedures are specially made.    The actual key point: The production and processing methods of Lingtou Dancong tea include picking tea, sun-driing, cooling, making green, tea-finishing, rolling, and dry.
    The experiment concluded that the best processing technology composition of Lingtou Dancong tea production process is: the greening time is 30 minutes, the greening time is 15 times, the second time is 25 times, and the third time is shaken. 40 times, the first shaking the cage for 2 minutes, the second shaking the cage for 4 minutes, the temperature of the tea is 200 ℃, the twisting time is 18 minutes, and the dry temperature is 100 ℃.How to brew Lingtou Dancong(1) Prepare tap waterMountain spring water is the best, mineral water and drinking water are the second.
    (2) Tea amount5-8 grams up and down.
    (3) Special toolsHigh-quality thin porcelainTureenOr purple sand teapot.    (4) Temperature98 degrees, without disconnecting the water, it is also possible in the case of thermal insulation.
    (5) Soup time
First bubbleIt is usually rinsed (use the teapot lid to scrape off the floating foam), do not eat, throw away immediately after putting water.1-10 bubble, 3-12 seconds 11-20 bubble, 5-18 seconds, but you don’t need mechanical equipment, you have to feel the tea seriously.(According to the essence, season, type, and personal preferences of the tea, it can be adjusted flexibly.)(6) If you use glass tea cups and other tasting lists in the office, please take 3 grams of upper and lower tea funds into the cup[或按喝茶者必须用茶], Make it with boiling water, cover the lid to prevent the fragrance from flowing out and maintain the temperature, you can taste it after 5-20 seconds.The efficacy and role of Lingtou Dancong1. Lose weightLingtou Dancong has the ability to melt body fat to lose weight.Because the main ingredient in tea, tannins, is closely related to the metabolism of body fat.Lingtou Dancong can reduce the water content of carbohydrates in the blood night.To lose weight with Lingtou Dancong, you must drink a cup before and after meals.Tea is best,Brew teaWhen no sugar is added, the temperature should be controlled at 80°C-90°C; the brewed tea must be drunk within 30-90 minutes, otherwise the nutrient elements in the tea will be oxidized.    2. Beauty skin careLingtou Dancong has the effect of reducing blood cells to neutralize human fat and carbohydrates; Lingtou Dancong can enhance the ASD enzymatic reaction, so it can be inferred that Lingtou Dancong has a certain health care effect on the skin.For example, the skin is moist, malleable, supportive, and blood circulation is excellent.
    3. Active autonomic nerves, relieve work pressureLingtou Dancong can improve the theme activities of autonomic nerves and sympathetic nerves, and can prevent overeating and binge drinking caused by excessive work pressure, and the dilemma of eating hard because of trying to suppress irritability.
4. Improve English listeningMiddle-aged and elderly people often drink Lingtou Dancong to help maintain English listening.The maintenance effect of men’s English listening is significantly more than that of women.Although drinking Lingtou Dancong has the effect of health preservation and health care for English listening, you should not drink too much.It is advisable to drink 1 to 2 cups of tea a day.    5. Lower blood lipidsLingtou Dancong has the effect of avoiding and relieving blood lipids in pulmonary atherosclerosis.Eating Lingtou Dancong can reduce the viscosity of blood night, avoid blood cell aggregation, improve blood night hypercoagulability, improve blood night circulation, and promote blood circulation.The experiment of thrombus formation outside the body also shows that Lingtou Dancong has the effect of inhibiting the formation of thrombus.
6. Delay agingLingtou Dan CongheVitamin EIt also has the effect of delaying aging.Under the condition of taking a certain amount of vitamin C orally every day, the consumption of Lingtou Dancong can keep the water content of vitamin C in the blood high, and the amount of vitamin C excretion in the urine is small, and vitamin C has the effect of delaying aging.Therefore, the consumption of Lingtou Dancong can improve the body’s ability to delay aging in all aspects.The storage method of Lingtou Dancong1. DrynessFirst of all, Lingtou Dancong tea must ensure the dryness of the tea and the dryness of its natural environment.Tea has a strong moisture absorption and fine taste. When the moisture content of the tea exceeds 7%, it will make the teaTheanine, Ester-like chemicals, vitamin C, etc. cause different levels of air oxidation; chlorophyll, carbohydrates and various fragrance components are converted into other new chemicals.The ingredients that originally constituted the color, aroma, and taste of tea are very few or disappear, and some ingredients that are unfavorable to the color, aroma, and taste of tea are gradually caused. Therefore, the taste of tea becomes lighter, the fragrance fades, and the color loses mystery.    In addition, moisture is also the most critical and immediate reason for tea moisture and ripening.Especially in the coastal areas of our country, the relative humidity and the average temperature are high, which will oxidize and dissolve many contents of tea, and finally cause mildew and mildew, which is unsightly for consumption.Therefore, storing tea must ensure the dryness of the tea and the dryness of the natural environment.
2. ShadingSecondly, please put the tea in a shaded place.The light source will cause changes in the internal components of the tea, which is very direct under strong light, and the interaction of light and heat. Some chemical substances in the tea reflect the photochemical reaction, which increases the water content of the hydrocarbon and aldehyde chemical substances. The fully automatic air oxidation will speed up.The color and taste of tea have undergone significant changes, and the original taste and freshness are lost.Therefore, for the physical and mental health of tea, please put the tea in a shaded area.    3. Ultra-low temperatureAgain, temperature often has great harm to the aroma, color and taste of tea.Especially in the summer and summer season in southern China, the average temperature sometimes reaches 40°C. Therefore, even if the tea has been dried and stored in shading, it will mold quickly. Therefore, the tea should be stored at ultra-low temperature.
    4. No smellIn the end, even if the tea has been sealed well or locked in a tea can, if there are soaps, camphor balls, or meals in the refrigerator, sauces, you will avoid all the smells. Up.No matter how good the original quality of tea is, everyone will not eat tea that is mixed with other foul smells.Therefore, the odor must be prevented in the storage of tea.Identification method of Lingtou Dancong teaOne, smellFragrant is a characteristic of Lingtou Dancong tea. Smell to see if the aroma is moldy or has a stale taste. If the peculiar smell is strong, the tea is naturally not a good tea.
Two, lookLook at the soup color.Is the color of Lingtou Dancong tea tea soup brown or dark?    Three, productTaste the taste.The key is to see the concentration value, astringency and freshness of Lingtou Dancong tea soup.Generally, laymen will not be able to taste it.If it is a loose tea, it has been more than 18 months after buying it home, then the manufacturing time will be longer, and you should drink it with caution.Lingtou Dancong Drinking Taboo1. Avoid empty stomachDrinking tea on an empty stomach can cause great harm. Drinking tea on an empty stomach can dilute the gastric acid casually to reduce digestion and absorption. In addition, the digestibility of the stomach and intestines is high, which causes a lot of poor ingredients in the tea to enter the blood, which will cause dizziness and panic. , Hands and feet fatigue and other diseases, should be drunk cautiously.
    2. Avoid before going to bedLingtou Dancong tea also has rich and colorful theanine and other elements.If you drink it before going to bed, it is very easy to cause people to cause enough excitement, and there will be no way to fall asleep and rest within all normal schedules.
3. Avoid cold teaLingtou Dancong tea is cold after being cold, which is not good for the stomach and can also cause colds, fever and flu.Cold tea enters the body, so that the body cannot get enough iron source, and aggravates the serious condition of patients with iron deficiency anemia.Awards of Lingtou DancongLingtouShan Cong TeaIt is a shrub plant type, the fruit type is semi-open, the leaves are oblong, the color of the tea is green and yellow, and the leaves are soft, suitable for oolong.This species has the characteristics of maturity, increased production, high quality, and strong adaptability.TheTea setIt has a distinctive fragrance and honey, high quality, and is favored by tea customers.It has won honors in the tea evaluation theme activities over the years.    In 1981, Lingtou Dancong tea was named by relevant provincial departments and was rated as a provincial fine variety.
    In 1986 and 1990, it was appraised as “my country’s Famous Tea” by the Ministry of Commerce.
In 1988, he won the title of Guangdong Famous Tea; in the same year, he signed up to participate in the Asian Regional Agricultural Products New Technology and New Product Exhibition held by the European Union in Lahore, Tajikistan, and won the most popular award.    In 1989, he was awarded the title of “Green Organic Food” by the Ministry of Health of China.
    In 1990, it was assessed as a good breed by the Ministry of Finance.
In 1990, at the national famous tea competition held by the Ministry of Commerce in Xinyang, Henan, the Jinfan brand Lingtou Dancong was once again selected as the national famous tea.    In 1991, he won the title of “Chinese Traditional Culture Famous Tea” at the Hangzhou International Cultural Festival in China.
    In 1992, “Lingtou Dancong tea’s comprehensive technology for increasing production and high-quality cultivation” won the first prize of Guangdong Agricultural Technology Promotion.
    In 1992, it was listed as the “State Guest Tea” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, serving as the Yellow Crane Tower to entertain foreign guests to visit the top grade; in the same year, it won the special prize of China Global Famous New Products Expo.
    In 1994, it was selected as a famous tea in Guangdong and won the special prize.
    In 1995 and 1997, they won the “Gold Award” and “Famous Trademark” at the 2nd and 3rd my country Agricultural Expo respectively.
    In 1999, he was selected as the title of famous tea in the first Guangdong famous tea quality competition and excellent famous tea bidding conference, and the transaction volume was more than 29,000 yuan for 500 grams.
In 2001, he won the “Dancong Tea King” award in the first international tea culture festival in Guangzhou. In the same year, he won the Qixishan brand Lingtou Dancong tea and won the AA-level national green organic food title.    In 2002, he won the Fifth Guangdong Famous Tea Evaluation Special Award.Golden Gui) Innovative scientific research and application of production and processing technology won the third prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award.
    In 2003, he won the special prize of the fifth “China Cup” famous tea evaluation.

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