How about Emei Bamboo Leaf Green

What kind of tea to drink? How about Emei ZhuyeqingIn martial arts novels, Mount Emei is the holy land of martial arts. In real life, Mount Emei is a tourist attraction and productionTea leavesPlace.

How about Emei Bamboo Leaf Green

EmeiBamboo Leaf GreenIt is a kind of tea that is more famous in our country.

However, many people don’t know how to brewEmei Bamboo Leaf Green, Below, let’s take a look at the specific method.
    How about Emei Bamboo Leaf GreenFrom the appearance, the Emei bamboo leaves are flat and smooth, the color is tender and green, and the tea soup brewed is clear and green, which is a good scene of blue mercury.In terms of taste, Emei bamboo leaves are green, refreshing and mellow, and the aroma is strong.The freshly brewed Emei bamboo leaf green is smart and elegant. You can see the golden color from the tea leaves, and you can smell a light fragrance in the air. It is an excellent tea.The brewing method of Emei bamboo leaf green1. Sanitary wareGet readyTea set, It is best to choose a transparent glass, rinse the glass tea set with water, and then boil a pot of boiling waterMake teaIt can kill the bacteria in the tea cup and increase the temperature of the cup.This is more conducive to stimulating the tea aroma of tea leaves.If it is in winter, this step must not be saved.
2. Set teaPut three grams of tea leaves into the teacup first.The capacity of the teacup is about 150ml.The best water temperature for brewing Emei Zhuyeqing is around 85-90 degrees.First, rinse it with a quarter of the water to completely soak the tea leaves.After about 30 seconds, then rinse it with boiling water.The phoenix three-nod method is generally used to brew.    That is to raise the kettle, and flush the water from a high altitude three times in a row.The kettle should be repeated three times from top to bottom, so that you can see the tea leaves rolling in the cup, and the concentration of the tea soup on the upper and lower sides can become even.This brewing method can make the water flow more impactful, and it can also produce a very beautiful curve.Finally, it is tea appreciation.When tasting tea, first look at the beauty of the tea leaves, and then look at the changes in the tea soup.

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