How to soak the misty hair tip

How to make 100 herbal tea with cloud and mist hair tips
    Cloudy MaojianIt is a very simple tea, in which it has a very good color, fragrance, and a good tea.

How to soak the misty hair tip

Yunwu Maojian can clearly see a change in it during the brewing process.Today we will talk about one of its brewing methods and how to brew its flavor.

How to make the tip of the cloud and mist1. Prepare the equipmentThe equipment mentioned here is actuallyTea set, We generally useMake teaFor the cup, you can choose the tea set that Zi likes, such as a glass cup or a simple porcelain bowl.Fully scald the selected tea set with boiling water, so that we can brew the cloud and mist tip well, remember that the tea set must be cleaned.    
2. Prepare teaThe second thing we need to prepare is to prepare tea, and we can choose water containing minerals to brew.Generally, it is at a temperature of more than 80 degrees, so that the tea can be brewed well, and then the tea is set. We can gently shake the cup body, and the tea to water ratio is 1:50. Put it according to personal taste.    
    3. Start water injectionWe can use the Phoenix three nod when brewing the cloud and mist hair tip. The Phoenix three nod is to raise the kettle, so that the water can flow fully into the tea set, and use the power of the water to gather three times repeatedly so that you can seeTea leavesRolling up and down in the water can make a good tea soup.Usually it is poured into seventy points full, a cup of tea is seventy points full, and three points are just right.
    4. Enjoy a drinkAfter we have brewed the Yunwu Maojian, we can start to enjoy the taste of tea.The tip of the cloud and mist that has just been brewed is quite beautiful. The soup is very beautiful and has a good aroma. A small sip is really very delicious. It feels refreshing and refreshing. The effect is very good, very good. The effect of health preservation is very sweet aftertaste.

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