Detailed illustration of the steps of building a tea

How to buy Pu’er teaJianzhan can be usedMake teaA tool for drinking, it is a favorite of the majority of enthusiastsTea set.

Detailed illustration of the steps of building a tea

What are the steps of how to make tea in Jianzhan, and how to use Jianzhan.

Jianzhan is a very special bowl. This kind of bowl is very special. It looks very smooth and bright. It is a very good tea set for making tea. It is very easy to use.
    Steps of Jianzhan Tea Detailed illustration of how to use Jianzhan1. Put tea and waterJianzhan is a very beautiful bowl, use it to brewTea leavesAt the time, we can clean the Jianzhan with boiling water first, so that we can use it to brew tea.You can put the tea leaves in the Jianzhan well, and then pour in the right amount of water to start brewing, so that it can play a good health care effect.
2. Brew teaWhen we put the tea in the Jianzhan and start brewing, we must pay attention to not filling the water too full. If it is too full, it will be overflowed, which is not good.After we can brew the tea well, it is recommended to drink the tea with Jianzhan, because the tea brewed with Jianzhan is very tasty and good.    
    3. Use it to store leftoversJianzhan can also use it to store leftovers, especially in summer, when the weather is relatively hot, we can use it to store leftovers, which can preserve the food well.Putting the dishes and rice in the Jianzhan and then storing them in the refrigerator is a very good fresh-keeping advantage. It can preserve the food very well, which is very good.
    4. Used to soakBlack tea
Jianzhan can also be used to make black tea, because black tea is based on its super health effect.It can very well help us to play a health care effect.Therefore, drinking black tea must be brewed with Jianzhan.This is a very good health maintenance effect, which can help us very well.

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