The difference between North Fujian narcissus and South Fujian narcissus

The difference between the main Minbei Narcissus and Minnan NarcissusEveryone should know that daffodil is a very beautiful flower. In Western mythology, there is also a fairy called daffodil.Tea leavesIn the world, there is also a kind of tea called narcissus.

The difference between North Fujian narcissus and South Fujian narcissus

Using narcissus to describe tea, it can be seen that the quality of this tea is still extremely high.

Next, let’s introduce the Minnan Narcissus DrinkNorth Fujian NarcissusThe difference.
    The difference between North Fujian narcissus and South Fujian narcissus1.From the perspective of the place of production, the northern Fujian narcissus is produced in northern Fujian. More than a hundred years ago, the area of ​​Dahu Village in Jianyang County, northern Fujian used to be the origin of the northern Fujian narcissus.After years of development and changes, the main producers of narcissus in northern Fujian are two counties in Jianou County and Jianyang County in northern Fujian.Southern Fujian narcissus is mainly produced in Mina, and it is produced in more than ten counties and cities in Southern Fujian.Narcissus tea.
2.Minnan narcissus tea sticks are tightly knotted, sandy green in color, relatively oily, and the aroma is very high and long, with the aroma of orchids.After brewing, the bottom of Minnan narcissus leaves is yellow and bright, relatively plump, relatively even, the tea soup tastes sweet and fresh, and it is brewed many times continuously, and there is still a fragrance, which is very resistant to foaming.    
    The North Fujian narcissus has a neat appearance, a twist on the tip, a sandy green color, and a few eight-color spots. The aroma is very rich, a bit like the aroma of an orchid, the taste is mellow, and there is obvious sweetness after the entrance. Bright.The bottom of the leaf is soft to the touch, with obvious red edges.
    3. Minnan narcissus pays much attention to the curl and tight knot of the dry tea shape. During processing, the process of wrapping and kneading is generally increased, and the number of times of wrapping and kneading is more, while the north of Fujian daffodils are generally strips and will not be wrapped and kneaded. Process.Therefore, in terms of processing procedures, it is also possible to distinguish North Fujian narcissus from South Fujian narcissus.
    North Fujian daffodils and South Fujian daffodils are the more famous narcissus teas in our country. They have their own unique taste and appearance. I don’t know which one do you like better? a

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