How to soak Baihao Silver Needle

Describe how the tea leaves are soaked with silver needles
    Bai Hao Silver NeedleIt is the title of one of the top ten famous teas in China, and it is known as the beautiful tea king.

How to soak Baihao Silver Needle

How to brew Baihao Silver Needle?

Today we will briefly introduce it.Baihao Silver Needle is a very smooth oneTea leaves, The taste is very good, it has a good nutrient content in it, and it has a very good effect and effect.
    How to soak Baihao Silver Needle1. Soak the cupWe can choose to use the cup method to brew Baihao Silver Needle.Tea setIt is a simple glass cup, about 200 ml, you can put 5 grams of Baihao Silver Needle tea, and then pour it into 90 degrees of boiling water to brew first, it can be brewed in one minute, and the water absorbs the Pekoe. The silver needles were quickly brewed, it was really good and great.
2.TureenBubbleWe can also choose to use a cover bowl to brew Baihao Yinzhen tea, take about 3 grams of tea, use a cover bowl of about 130, use a warm water of more than 80 degrees to brew, about 2 to 3 minutes with one water, and two water The same is true, after Sanshui, it is appropriately extended.You can also smell the fragrance, the brewing is very aftertaste and the aroma is very good, mellow and sweet.    
How to brew Baihao Silver Needle1. Step oneFirst of all, we have to prepare the issuance, and the second is to set the tea. We generally choose to use glass cups for tea sets. For this set of tea, we need to take an appropriate amount of tea and put it into the cup. The amount of tea is based on The personal taste is good, so that you can brew a very flavorful Baihao Silver Needle tea, which is also very beneficial to your health and so on.    2. Step twoNext, you can start brewing Baihao Silver Needle tea. Generally, you can pour a little boiling water into the glass. You can pour the tea in about 10 seconds, and then use the high punch method to pour 95 into the cup in the same direction. The boiling water is 70 or 80 minutes full, and the tea soup can be made after a few minutes of brewing. The taste of the brewed tea soup is very good, good, and very good.

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