How to open a new tea cup

How to open a new tea cupModern people drink tea, most of them like to use a teacup, because the teacup has a handle, it is more convenient to hold the teacup to drink tea directly, and it will not burn.

How to open a new tea cup

Actually, in addition to tea cups, there areTea light, That’s a kind of caliber greater than heightTea set, It is easier to smell tea when you use it to drink tea.

People who love tea love to raise tea cups, let’s take a look at how tea cups are.
    How to open a new tea cup1. The tea cup that has just been bought must be opened first.First add a lot of water to the pot, put the tea cup in the pot, and boil it over high heat.Use boiling waterBrew teaThe cup can remove the ashes on the tea cup, and it can also remove the earthy taste.Then, take the tea cup out and put it in the tea water to boil. After the tea is boiled, switch to a low heat and slow simmer for one to two hours.
2. To open a cup, you must follow the above steps, and none of them are indispensable.If you don’t use tea to make a tea cup, it is difficult to grow colorful light. Generally, it is boiled in the tea soup for an hour or two, and then the tea cup is taken out to dry, and you can see the colorful light on it.When the tea is boiling, you can see that there are many small bubbles on the glazed surface of the tea cup, indicating that the tea cup is blending with the tea soup, and the stomata on the tea cup inhale the tea soup and can also remove the iron smell.    
How to raise tea cups1.How to open the newly bought tea cup is very important, but it is also important to raise the tea cup later.There is a transitional period for raising a lantern, and it is not done overnight.First, it will become golden, and slowly, it will become seven colors.Every time after drinking tea with a tea cup, be sure to rinse with boiling waterWash teaDo not use a cloth to wipe the cup, let the moisture in the tea cup evaporate.    2. The tea cup should be thoroughly cleaned every few days, and the insideTea stainsWash it off.It is best to have a spare tea cup, and use several tea cups in turn, so that the tea cup can rest for a few days, and the glaze can be naturally dried. When it is used again, the absorption power will be better and the service life will be longer.

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