Ziyang Maojian brewing method

How about the Ziyang Maojian brewing method of tasting tea
    Ziyang MaojianIs a good tea in our country,Maojian TeaThey are generally very tender and have a good nutrient content.

Ziyang Maojian brewing method

Long-term drinking of Ziyang Maojian tea also has great efficacy and benefits for our body.

Today we will explain its brewing process.
Ziyang Maojian brewing method1. Hot cupWhen brewing Ziyang Maojian tea, the cup must be blanched first, that is, theTea setIt is one step to burn it first.Hygiene must be the first step.Only when hygiene is in place can we do other things with confidence.The advantage of blanching the cup is that it can well make the cup have a little residual temperature, which has a good effect of waking up the tea, and the next step is to prepare the water.    
2. Throw teaThe most important point of putting tea is to decide based on the tea set we choose. You can’t invest too much, but you can’t put too little, so we must grasp the degree.It is best to put it according to a ratio of water and tea, which is more accurate.The 1:50 comparison is not wrong, this is the best method.    
    3.Make tea
The next step is to start making tea. Pour the tea slowly into the teacup. Don’t pour it too full or you will be afraid that the tea will overflow. Pour the water to be 70% full.This is also one of the most common tea-making traditions in our country, and it is necessary to brew Ziyang Maojian tea in this way.This is a kind of honorable name for yourself and guests, and it is very good tea.
    4. TastingThe last step is of course to taste the taste of the tea, and it is best to drink it while it is hot.The first Ziyang Maojian tea that has just been brewed is very fragrant and the taste is the best.The second tasting requires us to slowly enjoy the aftertaste.Drink it in small sips, so that you can deeply appreciate the taste of the tea, and the taste is great.

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