How to make Dahongpao tea cake

How to break that kind of tea
    DahongpaoIt is a famous tea in my country. It is produced in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian. It can refresh your brain, sterilize and reduce inflammation, and lose weight. Not only that, the taste of Dahongpao is very smooth and refreshing. There are so many people.

How to make Dahongpao tea cake

However, many tea lovers don’t know how to break itDahongpaoTea cake, Below, let’s take a look at the specific method.

How to make Dahongpao tea cake1. To smash Dahongpao tea cakes, we must first prepare tools for prying tea, generally usedTea knifePrying Dahongpao tea cakes is very suitable.First put the Dahongpao tea cake flat on the tissue paper of the tea cake, and then gently insert the tea knife from the side of the tea cake. Don’t pay too much attention to avoid injuryTea leavesThe cord.    
2.Next, generally shake the tea knife left and right, while gently pushing the tea knife into the tea cake.Pay attention not to be too strong, so as not to break the tea leaves.Then push the tea knife upward, slowly pry up the tea cake and peel it off.Then follow the same method to open the tea cake along the cracks.How to store Dahongpao tea cakes    1. Ceramic jar storage methodYou can store Dahongpao tea cakes in ceramic pots. First, clean the ceramic pots and drain the water to ensure that the ceramic pots are dry and have no peculiar smell.Then, wrap the Dahongpao tea cake with cotton paper, put a lime bag in the ceramic pot, put the Dahongpao tea cake in, cover the lid, and store it in a dry and ventilated place.
    2. Low temperature storageWhen storing Dahongpao tea cakes, you can store Dahongpao tea cakes in the refrigerator.Because in the refrigerator, the ambient temperature is low, which can slow down the aging speed of Dahongpao.First, package the Dahongpao, put it in a clean, odor-free, and well-sealed jar, and then put the jar alone in the grid of the refrigerator.
Here is an introduction to how to break Dahongpao tea cakes and how to store Dahongpao tea cakes, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.    

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