What kind of tea does the North Fujian narcissus belong to?

How about teaSaidNarcissus teaEveryone will definitely think of Phoenix narcissus for the first time, which is a famous tea in Chaozhou, Guangdong.

What kind of tea does the North Fujian narcissus belong to?

However, what we are going to introduce to you today isNorth Fujian Narcissus, This is a piece from Jianyang County and Jianou County in northern FujianTea leaves, The tea soup has a mellow taste, and the soup is orange-yellow.

Next, let’s introduce the efficacy of narcissus in North Fujian.
    What kind of tea does the North Fujian narcissus belong to?North Fujian narcissus belongs toOolong tea.In our country, there are four major oolong tea areas, namely southern Fujian, northern Fujian, Taiwan and Guangdong, and the northern Fujian daffodils are produced in northern Fujian among the four major oolong tea areas.North Fujian narcissus has a history of more than a thousand years. It is made in accordance with the processing of oolong tea. There areBlack teaThe glycol, there is alsoGreen teaEfficacy and role of fresh and refreshing North Fujian narcissus1. Promote gastrointestinal digestionNorth Fujian narcissus contains an alkaloid. This substance is a natural alkaline drink. It has a maintenance effect on the pH balance of body fluids and can promote the secretion of gastric juice. Drinking North Fujian narcissus can enhance gastrointestinal function and promote digestion.For people with poor digestion, drinking Hokkien daffodils after meals can help digestion.
2. Enhance kidney functionThe active substances contained in North Fujian narcissus can inhibit the reabsorption of renal tubules, enhance kidney function, help the kidneys quickly eliminate waste and drink toxins, and prevent kidney disease and kidney stones.The effect of regular drinking of North Fujian daffodils is to protect the kidneys and strengthen the function of the kidneys.    3. Radiation protectionThe tannins and polyphenols in the narcissus in northern Fujian can be combined with radioactive substances. It has just promoted the discharge of strontium in the bone marrow, which can play a very obvious role in anti-radiation and protect the body from radioactive substances. Damage.People who often work in a radioactive environment should drink more daffodil tea from northern Fujian, which is beneficial to the sex.
    The effects of North Fujian narcissus have been introduced, friends who like it, hurry up and try it.

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