The difference between narcissus tea and cinnamon tea

The difference between black tea tea price narcissus tea and cinnamon teaFamous tea from Fujian, likeDahongpaoFudingWhite tea, Cinnamon andNarcissus teaAnd so on are very well-known teasCinnamon teaSame as daffodil tea, bothRock teaSeries, and it is a very famous rock tea.

The difference between narcissus tea and cinnamon tea

However, the two teas are actually quite different. Let’s take a look at the difference between cinnamon tea and narcissus tea.

The difference between narcissus tea and cinnamon tea1. The difference in appearanceFrom the appearance, the strands of narcissus tea are thicker, while the cinnamon looks shorter.Therefore, when we choose tea, we willTea leavesPut it in the palm of your hand, and you can distinguish narcissus tea from cinnamon tea from the perspective of the tea leaves.There are obvious grains of sand on the back of the narcissus tea, while cinnamon tea does not.
    2. The difference in aromaThe aroma of cinnamon tea can also be distinguished from narcissus tea. The aroma of cinnamon tea is stronger and more domineering. After a sip of the tea soup, you will feel the aroma stimulate the taste buds. Put the tea soup in your mouth and taste it with the tip of your tongue. There is a tingling sensation, and after one brew, the cinnamon tea has a floral and fruity fragrance.    
    3. The difference in tasteCinnamon tea has a tingling sensation and will not disappear for a long time, while daffodil tea does not, and the tea fragrance of daffodil tea is more quiet.After the entrance of the tea soup, it feels very smooth, as if it will slide in by itself without swallowing.The sweetness of narcissus tea is very obvious, and the tea soup is softer and smoother than cinnamon tea.
    4. Difference in foam resistanceFrom the perspective of resistance to foaming, cinnamon is weaker, while narcissus tea is relatively more resistant to foaming, and it is still very delicious after repeated brewing many times.Cinnamon tea leaves are relatively small and harder to eat. Therefore, in the baking process, it is necessary to bake it many times.The daffodil is not required, and the baking technique of the daffodil is simpler.
    The difference between daffodil tea and cinnamon tea is introduced to everyone, cinnamon tea is more fragrant, and daffodil tea tea soup is smoother.Cinnamon tea leaves are smaller, while narcissus tea leaves are stronger.

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