The Efficacy and Function of Wenshan Baozhong Tea

What kind of black tea Wenshan Baozhong tea efficacy and function
    Wenshan Baozhong TeaProduced in Taiwan, Taiwan’s Taipei City and Taoyuan County are the main producing areas for the production of Wenshan Baozhong Tea.

The Efficacy and Function of Wenshan Baozhong Tea

According to legend, more than 150 years ago, Fujian tea farmers producedTea leavesSeparate production and manufacture, four or two into one package.

Later, this method spread to Taiwan, and Wenshan Baozhong Tea appeared.Next, let’s take a look at the role of Wenshan Baozhong Tea.
    The Efficacy and Function of Wenshan Baozhong Tea1. Beauty and anti-agingThe inside of Wenshan Baozhong TeaTea polyphenolsIn higher content, this substance can scavenge free radicals in the body, fight skin peroxidation, and can delay aging.At the same time, tea polyphenols can also be used for beauty and detoxification, while removing toxins from the body, it also plays a role in beautifying the skin.Wenshan Baozhong Tea can also refine the pores, making the face greasy at first.
2. Lower blood pressure and blood lipidsWenshan Baozhong Tea also has a very significant effect on the regulation of blood pressure and blood lipids.According to research methods, regular drinking of Wenshan Baozhong Tea can help lower blood pressure and blood lipids. Many people in modern society have high blood pressure and high blood lipids. Drinking Wenshan Baozhong Tea can help regulate the body, which is also great for physical health. .    
    3. Promote digestionWenshan Baozhong Tea can promote gastrointestinal digestion, can quickly excrete wastes in the body, and can also achieve a certain weight loss effect.Friends who usually have poor digestive functions can drink some Wenshan Baozhong Tea to improve their digestive function, and they can also drink Wenshan Baozhong Tea to make the tea greasy.What kind of tea does Wenshan Baozhong tea belong to?Wenshan Baozhong Tea isOolong teaAnd isTaiwan Oolong TeaAmong the famous products, the four least fermented teas.The appearance of Wenshan Baozhong Tea is tightly knotted, the color is dark green, the tea soup color is honey green, slightly golden, and the aroma is very elegant, similar to the floral fragrance, and the tea soup tastes mellow and smooth.
    The function of Wenshan Baozhong Tea is introduced here. Wenshan Baozhong Tea is a slightly fermented oolong tea. Friends who like it can try it. The tea soup tastes excellent.

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