Yongchun bergamot tea is not suitable for anyone to drink

High-end tea packaging Yongchun bergamot tea is not suitable for anyone to drinkYongchunBergamot teaIt is an oolong health drink, rich and sharp, sweet in taste, high in nutrition and health, and has many benefits to the body. It is a pure natural healthy drink for physical and mental health.

Yongchun bergamot tea is not suitable for anyone to drink

However,Yongchun bergamotAlthough tea is good, it is not suitable for everyone, and there are also taboo groups.

So, who is Yongchun bergamot tea not suitable for? What are the taboos of drinking Yongchun bergamot tea? Let’s understand it together.Yongchun bergamot tea is not suitable for anyone to drink1. Patients with calcium deficiency or bone fractureBecause the flavonoids in tea leaves can inhibit the digestion and absorption of high-quality protein in the duodenum, it can also cause calcium deficiency and osteoporosis, making bone cracks unable to recover.
    2. Patients with mental weakness or strange insomniaBecause the tea leavesCoffeeAlkali has a significant stimulating effect on the cerebral cortex, so if such patients drink tea, their brain will be extremely excited and unable to rest.
3. Patients with high feverTea leaves often contain aminophylline, which can increase human body temperature and greatly reduce or even subside the cooling effect of therapeutic drugs.    4. Patients with severe constipationBecause the polyphenols of tea leaves have a certain astringent effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa, if patients with severe constipation drink Yongchun bergamot tea, they will exacerbate severe constipation.
    5. Patients with ulcer diseaseBecause the aminophylline in Yongchun bergamot tea will reduce the activity of phosphodiesterase, somatic cells in the gastric mucosa will metabolize a lot of gastric juice.Acid reflux will definitely harm the recovery of pus spots, and it will also counteract the effects of some acid-suppressing drugs.
    6. Patients with urinary stones in the genitourinary systemBecause tea leaves contain more hydrochloric acid, drinking tea may aggravate the development trend of urinary stones.
    7. Patients with iron deficiency anemiaIt is very important that patients suffering from anemia are not suitable for eating Yongchun bergamot tea.The tannins of Yongchun bergamot tea can make the iron in the food produce precipitates that cannot be digested and absorbed by the body, which usually aggravates the condition.
8. Patients with liver and nephritisSince the caffeine in tea undergoes the basic metabolism of liver and kidney functions, it is not good for the repair of liver and kidney functions for people with liver and kidney failure.    9. Patients with high blood pressure and myocardial infarctionThe caffeine in Yongchun bergamot tea has a stimulating effect on human blood and heart rate.Drinking too much tea will accelerate the fluidity of the blood night, increase blood pressure, and may even cause arrhythmia.Taboos of drinking Yongchun bergamot tea1. Avoid cold teaCold tea is not good for gastrointestinal and physical health, so it is best not to drink refrigerated bergamot tea, it will cause a cold.In addition, the tea leaves of bergamot tea contain tannic acid chemicals. If it is combined with an iron cup, it will dissolve some chemicals that are harmful to the body, which will cause iron deficiency anemia or cause the original Malignant disease.
    2. Avoid drinking tea on an empty stomachDrinking tea on an empty stomach is very harmful to the body, and drinking bergamot tea on an empty stomach is the same principle.Drinking tea on an empty stomach will endanger the metabolism of stomach acid and its digestion and absorption, and will cause dizziness and weakness.
3. Avoid drinking tea before going to bedSome teas are suitable for drinking before going to bed and can also promote sleep, but not all teas are suitable.Bergamot tea is not suitable for drinking before going to bed, it will harm sleep, because of the bergamot teaTheanineChemical substances, if you drink it before going to bed, it is very easy to cause agitation, and it is difficult to fall asleep under such conditions.If you love to drink tea before going to bed, you can choose some tea that can promote sleep before going to bed.    

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