The preservation method of Yongchun bergamot tea

How can there be a small pot of tea in Guiyang, the preservation method of Yongchun bergamot teaYongchunBergamot teaIs a relatively nicheOolong tea, There may not be too many people who have drunk it, but for understandingYongchun bergamotTea people still love it.

The preservation method of Yongchun bergamot tea

So if I bought Yongchun bergamot tea, how should I preserve it? Let’s introduce to you the preservation method of Yongchun bergamot tea, let’s understand it together.

The preservation method of Yongchun bergamot tea1. Dry storageFirst, the one we need to understandTea leavesThe problem of preservation is to prevent dampness and coldness.Due to the strong water absorption of tea, when the moisture content of tea exceeds 7%, the quality will be compromised.In addition, moisture is also the most critical and immediate reason for tea moisture and ripening.Especially in the coastal areas of our country, the relative humidity of the air and the high average temperature will oxidize and dissolve many contents of tea, and finally cause mildew and mildew, which is unsightly for consumption.Therefore, storing tea must ensure the dryness of the tea and the dryness of its natural environment.
    2. Store away from lightSecondly, the storage of Yongchun bergamot tea should be placed in an area away from light, otherwise the quality of the tea will be quickly lost, and the transformation caused by chemical changes is your full consideration.Because the light source will change some of the internal components of the tea, it is very direct under strong light, the interaction of light and heat, some of the chemical substances in the tea reflect the photochemical reaction, so that the composition of the hydrocarbon and aldehyde chemical substances is improved. The fully automatic air oxidation will speed up.The color and taste of tea have undergone significant changes, and the original taste and freshness are lost.Therefore, for the physical and mental health of tea, please put the tea in a dark area.    3. Ultra-low temperature storageAgain, the preservation of Yongchun bergamot tea should be placed in a super low temperature natural environment.Because temperature actually plays a very important role, it will cause great harm to all aspects of tea quality, such as fragrance, tea color, and taste.Especially in the summer and summer season in southern China, the average temperature sometimes reaches 40°C. Therefore, even if the tea has been stored dry and protected from light, it will mold quickly. Therefore, the tea should be stored at ultra-low temperature.
    4. No peculiar smell storageIn the end, it is best to store Yongchun bergamot tea separately to prevent other peculiar smells, otherwise the tea aroma of the tea will not be so good for you to drink.So even if the tea has been sealed well or locked in a tea can, if there are soaps, camphor balls, or meals and sauces in the refrigerator, it will avoid all the smells. .Even if the original quality of tea mixed with other peculiar smells is good, everyone will not eat it.Therefore, the peculiar smell must be prevented in the storage of tea.How long can Yongchun bergamot tea be kept?1. Storage at room temperature: up to one yearIf Yongchun bergamot tea is used as a tea, it still has its shelf life, and the shelf life will be a little different under different natural environments.So if it is placed in a natural environment at room temperature, it can be stored for up to a year.However, when storing Yongchun bergamot tea at room temperature, be sure to put it in a dry tea box that is protected from light. It can touch stimulating chemicals, and it should not be exposed to strong light, otherwise it will cause a lot of nutrient elements in the tea to escape. , The tea rhyme of the tea will also evaporate, and the original taste of Yongchun bergamot tea will not be tasted after it is brewed.
    2. Cold storage: three to five yearsYongchun bergamot tea can be stored in cold storage in normal times, which is also a common storage method in ordinary homes.When storing, put the tea in a sealed packaging bag, take out the gas inside to make it tightly sealed, and then immediately put it into the refrigerator compartment of the refrigerator, pay attention to the refrigerator compartment can not put other stimulating foods, Just to prevent offensive taste.Tea leaves can be stored in this refrigerated natural environment for three to five years without mold, and the freshness is particularly good, and can be immediately brewed after being removed.

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