The difference between cinnamon tea and cinnamon

What is the difference between cinnamon tea and cinnamon?
    Cinnamon teaandDahongpaoThe same, they are all very famousRock tea, There are not a few people who like it.

The difference between cinnamon tea and cinnamon

Although there is only one word difference between cinnamon and cinnamon tea, there is a huge difference.

However, many people who do not like tea very much know little about these two things.Below, let’s take a look at the difference between cinnamon and cinnamon tea.
    The difference between cinnamon tea and cinnamon1.First of all, we need to know that cinnamon and cinnamon tea are different, they are completely different things.Cinnamon tea isOolong teaOne kind is made after semi-fermentationTea leaves.And cinnamon is aChinese MedicineIt can dispel cold and relieve pain, and it is very common in pharmacies.
2.Cinnamon tea is produced in Wuyi, Fujian. It is a very delicious rock tea. Its main feature is that the aroma is very high and domineering.Even the famous Dahongpao can’t compare with it.Cinnamon is made from the bark of camphor tree and is a very useful Chinese medicinal material.    
    3.Cinnamon tea is made by picking fresh tea leaves and then semi-fermenting them. The shape of the cinnamon tea is relatively tight and the leaves are relatively thin.The color is darker and shiny.Cinnamon is made by cutting the bark of the camphor tree and drying it. It can treat waist and knee weakness, indigestion, abdominal pain and diarrhea.
    4. CinnamonTea setIt has a very high aroma, because it contains a very obvious cinnamon fragrance, so it is called cinnamon tea.The taste of cinnamon tea is clear and mellow. The color of the tea soup is orange-yellow, and the bottom of the leaf is soft and bright.Cinnamon is a Chinese medicinal material, which can be used as medicine or as a spice in dishes to make dishes.
    In fact, cinnamon tea and cinnamon have similar names. They are two completely different things, one is tea, and the other is Chinese herbal medicine.Therefore, everyone should stop obsessing about the difference between cinnamon tea and cinnamon, they are not comparable at all.

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