The efficacy and role of Dahongpao cinnamon

The Efficacy and Function of Ten-year-old White Tea Dahongpao Cinnamon
    Rock teaIt is very famous in our country, there are many rock teasTea leavesHighly respected, among themDahongpaoAnd cinnamon is a very eye-catching tea.

The efficacy and role of Dahongpao cinnamon

Dahongpao is known as the tea king, and Cinnamon is a new favorite in the rock tea circle, and the topic is extremely high.

Next, let’s take a look at the efficacy of Dahongpao cinnamon.
The efficacy and function of Dahongpao1. Dahongpao containsTheanine, Tea polysaccharides andTea polyphenolsAnd other beneficial ingredients, can reduce blood lipids, enhance the memory of the brain, and also help the body to deal withAnti-cancerSymptom.In Dahongpao, the content of tea polysaccharides is more thanBlack teaMore than three times higher thanGreen teaIt is also twice as high, and tea polysaccharides can enhance the body’s immunity.    
2. Dahongpao also has an excellent refreshing effect, because theCoffeeThe alkali content is extremely high. When we feel tired at work, drinking a cup of Dahongpao can refresh our energy and make us instantly refreshed.Dahongpao can also promote metabolism, and can lose weight and beautify.The efficacy and role of cinnamon    1. It is also rock tea, cinnamon is known as the “health treasure”, drink itCinnamon teaIt can prevent radiation, warm the spleen and stomach, and kill insects.In the cold winter, drinking a cup of warm cinnamon tea can keep you away from the cold.
    2. Cinnamon tea can also sterilize and reduce inflammation. This is because cinnamon tea contains flavonoids, which can prevent enteritis.Contained in cinnamon teaCatechuVegetarianMore, it can resist aging and prolong life.The fluorine content in cinnamon tea is several times that of other teas.
Dahongpao has many effects, and cinnamon has no small effect. It is also a well-known rock tea in China. These two kinds of tea have their own characteristics. I don’t know which one do you like better?

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