What kind of tea does cinnamon tea belong to?

Black tea tea price cinnamon tea is what kind of teaexistChinese MedicineInside, there is a medicinal material called cinnamon, which can dispel cold and relieve pain, warm the middle and nourish the kidney.

What kind of tea does cinnamon tea belong to?

However, what we are talking about today is not Chinese medicine cinnamon, butCinnamon tea.

Cinnamon tea isRock teaThe famous products have a very high aroma.But what kind of tea does cinnamon tea belong to? Many people have expressed doubts about this, let’s get to know it together.
    What kind of tea does cinnamon tea belong to?Cinnamon tea is also called Yugui, which belongs toOolong tea.As early as the Qing Dynasty, cinnamon tea was already very famous.The characteristic of cinnamon tea is that it has a very high aroma, and the word “dominant” is the most appropriate description.Cinnamon tea has a very obvious cinnamon aroma and frankincense.After multiple brewing, its aroma lingers for a long time.How to make cinnamon tea1. Make sure to make cinnamon tea firstTea set, Generally usedTureenCinnamon tea is most suitable.In addition to the bowl, there are also tea towels, tea cups, teapots and teaspoons.Take out an appropriate amount with a teaspoonTea leaves, Put it in the tea lotus for guests to watch.Then pour pure water into the teapot and start boiling water.
2.After the water is boiled, pour boiling water into the tureen and other tea utensils, so that the cup can be blanched and the tea set can be preheated.Use a teaspoon to gently pour the tea leaves in the tea lotus into the tureen.Lift the teapot and slowly pour a small amount of boiling water into the bowl.Pour out the water after a few seconds.    
3.Lift the teapot and flush boiling water into the tureen from a high altitude, and stop at one-third of the tureen. After half a minute, continue to pour the water until the tureen is 70% full.After one minute, the tea can be filtered.After drinking, you can continue to robe cinnamon tea again, this time the soup will come out after one and a half minutes.    Of course, cinnamon tea belongs to oolong tea. There should be no doubt about this, right? Here is also how to make cinnamon tea, let’s come and learn.

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