Choice of Oolong Tea Set

Selection of Super Apocynum venetum Tea Oolong Tea Set
    Oolong tea(Also calledGreen tea), semi-mellow or full-melt tea, is one of the six major teas in my country.

Choice of Oolong Tea Set

It evolved from the Song Dynasty tribute tea dragon group and phoenix cake, and was developed around 1725 (in the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty).

The medicinal value of oolong tea is mainly manifested in the aspects of dissolving body fat, losing weight, losing weight, and fitness. It is called “beauty and skin care tea” and “healthy tea” in Japan.After the taste, the aftertaste is endless, and the aftertaste is endless and sweet.So, what kind of oolong tea is usedTea setAfter brewing, how to brew oolong tea to taste delicious?How to brew oolong tea with different tea setsAlthough Oolong tea is a major tea category, there are many types of Oolong tea.Make teaTool, research has found that it can only be adequately matchedTea leavesIt can complement each other with tea utensils.Can be used for brewing oolong teaTureen, Teapot, there is also a small part that can be steamed.
    1. Brewing method of oolong tea cover bowl1.Gaiwan brewing oolong tea is a very simple way of brewing in daily life.It was first fashionable in the traditional consumption areas of oolong tea in southern Fujian Province and Chaoshan in Guangdong.After 2001, it slowly became fashionable in the streets and alleys of the Chinese nation.Generally, the common tureen (also called Sancai tureen) is used for brewing at home. Before brewing, the tureen should be brewed with boiling water to let its temperature rise, and then take 7 grams of tea (a small bubble with a vacuum pump) and put it into the tureen. In.
    2. After rushing into the appropriate boiling water, you can throw away the water and wash it by the wayWash teaIt is called washing tea.Afterwards, flush with water again, cover the lid of the bowl after filling, and simmer for a minute to make the tea soup in it, then pour it into separate cups and eat gradually.After the tea soup is poured, you can immediately pour the tea and start the second brewing. Each tea can be brewed up and down for 7 teas. The first three teas can be infused up and down for one minute. Soup.    3. Covered bowl brewing is good for appreciation, and it can also maintain the aromatic taste of tea, so it is more suitable for brewing fragrant liquorTieguanyin, Light mellow oolong tea from Gongbu, Taiwan, China, and its Zhao produced in Anxi CountyThis Camellia,Hairy Crab Tea, Huangdan tea, Meizhan tea, Qilan tea, Jianye Oolong tea, YongchunBergamot teaWait for tea with higher freshness.
2. How to brew oolong tea in a teapot1. Oolong tea can still be usedPurple Clay TeapotThe teapot is used for brewing, and the brewing process is similar to that of a bowl. The amount of tea used can be determined according to the size of the teapot. Generally, it is suitable for one-third of the teapot. In addition, the simmering time should not be too long after the water is flushed, within one minute You can get the soup.    2. The oolong tea soup brewed in a purple clay teapot can be poured into a small teapot immediately.Purple Clay CupIn the middle, gradually taste the tea, and the water in the purple sand teapot must be kept nine minutes full, so that the soup can be taken out immediately.
    3.The purple sand teapot has a very good practical effect of heat insulation, and is suitable for brewing tea with a slightly higher level of mellowness and a mellow tea.Such as the charcoal culture Tieguanyin,Jin Junmei, Cinnamon powder, phoenixShan Cong Tea, Muzha Tieguanyin and other teas from Taiwan, China.
    Third, the steaming method of oolong tea1. There is a big difference in the height of oolong tea, and some teas are fully mellow tea, such asOriental Beauty Tea, Zhennian Tieguanyin, Tieguanyin with charcoal cultivation, Tieguanyin with Muzha, Wuyi with heavy fireRock teaEtc.This tea can also be steamed to drink.
2. For example, charcoal cultured Tieguanyin, Muzha Tieguanyin, rock tea, etc., you can first add a teapot or a bowl to brew three times, and then pour it into a tea steamer to steam for drinking, so as to ensure the taste of the tea soup. It tastes mellow and moderate.    3. However, if you can put it in a tea steamer and steam it immediately, the buddies of Zhennian or the old rock tea can be steamed immediately, but the tea has a high resistance to foaming, so the amount of tea must be moderately reduced. Generally, one-fourth of the container is suitable. .

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